Fulco Family Band

The Fulco Family Band

The Fulco family is a family of aspiring music stars with a home base in Las Vegas. Besides Joey, the family includes Joey’s wife Vanessa, a keyboardist who writes music for her husband. Their children, including 17-year-old beauty queen Joei, play guitar, bass, and drums.

Joei was born in Tennessee and grew up in Switzerland. Joey Fulco, her father, invited Joei to join him onstage. The Fulco family has performed around the world. Joei performed at a Chinese music festival and they went on a 16-stop European tour. She has also played in duos with Jesse, her brother.

The Fulcos have two singles out this year: “Red Roses” and “Star Spangled Through.” These songs are perfect for the family to sing together as a unit. Vanessa Fulco tries to help her kids find their true selves. She has a vision of making their family the best it can be.

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