Fridge Meme

How to Create a Fridge Meme

The Xbox Series X has become a meme after its design and the comparison between it and a giant black refrigerator. The Xbox social media team has taken the fridge meme a step further and sent a massive package to YouTuber iJustine. The package was a working fridge shaped like the Xbox Series X.

The Samsung Smart Fridge is a product created by Korean electronics company Samsung that has a screen hub that allows it to access the internet and use internet apps. In early 2019, the Smart Fridge became a popular subject in fridge memes on Reddit. Some users had jokes about it, titling their posts, “Sent from my smart fridge.”

This new Xbox is even more reminiscent of a fridge. Microsoft released the Xbox Series X on November 10, a PC, but the fridge looks like a fridge. The Xbox Series X is so close to a fridge that the console’s disk drive resembles a fridge’s door handle. This resemblance has led to a number of memes, and the Xbox team has responded by making Xbox-themed fridges. The company even built a life-size fridge, so that people could use it as a model.

The next time you want to create a fridge meme, make sure to use an image maker. There are thousands of free templates to choose from on Imgflip. Imgflip lets you customize the template to suit your needs. You can upload your own template, or browse the templates uploaded by other users. There is also a feature to search through user-uploaded memes. Once you’ve found a template that matches your personality, customize it to add your own text.

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