Freestyle Olives

Freestyle Olives

Freestyle olives are responsibly sourced and harvested by hand in Greece, boasting low calories and abundant antioxidants for an enjoyable snacking experience. Great for pairing with wine or adding to charcuterie boards; conveniently packaged in liquid-free resealable pouches.

Nikki Seaman, a former management consultant, knew she could create something better than what could be found on grocery store shelves. So she created Freestyle Olives using high quality ingredients and packaging that resonates with today’s consumers.

Professional Career

Nikki Seaman is the creator of Freestyle Olives, an innovative line of pitted green olives sourced directly from Greece that are marinated with rich extra virgin olive oil, lemon, and garlic for optimal heart-health benefits. These Mediterranean olives boast low calories, no added sugars or fats and come packaged in convenient pouches designed to fit seamlessly into modern lifestyles.

Atlanta-based snacking brand Olive Better was founded on a mission of “olive better”, providing longtime and newcomer olive lovers alike with a healthier way of satisfying savory cravings. After conducting extensive sampling tests using over 50 types of olives from six countries before finding and selecting Greek olives that truly met its standards. Seaman researched consumer trends while working alongside CPG industry veterans at PepsiCo and Whisps before venturing off on her own venture.

Achievement and Honors

The olive has come a long way since its humble roots as a soggy green, canned food filled with pimento and hidden on holiday relish trays. Now it is an exquisite morsel or amuse bouche; add flair for parties by dressing it with grated orange or lemon zest, fresh rosemary or basil, cracked black pepper and drizzles of olive oil! Olives pair particularly well with wines from Spain and Italy and can become part of a tapas bar menu or salad salad dish.

It is truly frustrating that members are shamed when they express that the Freestyle program isn’t working for them or that Beyond the Scale had worked well but now has been updated only with Freestyle options in the WW app.

Personal Life

Nikki Seaman founded Freestyle Olive Co to bring innovation and excitement to the olive category. On a mission to reinvent olive snacking for longtime and new consumers alike, she provides them with an easy, healthy solution for satisfying their savory cravings.

This brand offers an irresistibly satisfying, low-calorie plant based snack that is free from sugar and full of heart-healthy fats and antioxidants – their premium olives come from Greece where they are hand-harvested and marinated with extra virgin olive oil before being sealed in resealable, liquid-free pouches to be enjoyed on the go!

A purple stand-up pouch with olive-shaped windows stands out in a set of cans and jars, drawing attention with its custom typography with upward movement that adds energy and vitality. This daring branding will undoubtedly disrupt its category while drawing more interest to your product.

Net Worth

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Nikki Seaman is the founder of Freestyle Snacks, a premium olive snack made up of high-quality marinated olives packaged in convenient liquid-free packaging. Her mission is to bring more people onboard olive journey with an excellent whole food snack option that’s not only healthy and delicious but also supports long-time and new enthusiasts of olives alike.

Freestyle snacks are designed for modern olive lovers looking for delicious olives without all of the hassle that comes with opening tricky jars and sticky brine. Not only are these plant-based, low calorie snacks delicious – they contain heart healthy fats!

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