Fred Spada

Fred Spada, an esteemed magnetic material scientist, is well known for his groundbreaking research in the area. This work includes evaluation of bulk degaussing methods to safely erase magnetic media as well as investigating structure-property relationships for both thin film and particulate magnetic materials. Furthermore, he is widely respected for his groundbreaking studies on magnetic wear.

Early Life and Education

Fred Spada’s parents hail from Italy, while he and his mother immigrated to America as young children. He graduated with honors from Boston College before earning a JD at Catholic University of Columbus School of Law.

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Professional Career

Fred Spada has made significant strides in research on magnetic materials and their applications, particularly bulk degaussing methods for safely wiping data off storage media, structure-property relationships in thin film magnetic materials as well as particulate magnetic materials, chemical aspects of wear analysis and corrosion mitigation, among other topics.

He currently teaches courses on advanced materials and magnetics at the University of California San Diego, publishing multiple scientific journal articles and presenting at national and international conferences.

At the time of the 1940 US Census, he lived in Union City with his mother and two siblings. He belonged to Methodist religion as his faith. Additionally, he belonged to both American Physical Society and Association of Physical Scientists organizations.

Achievement and Honors

Fred Spada is an renowned SCA (Scaffordshire) Rapier Champion and member of the Order of the Western Prima, its highest rank within the SCA. Additionally, he’s an accomplished musketeer.

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Personal Life

Fred Spada is unmarried and believed to be close with Daniel P Coleman, James David Rosas and Terra L Mazur. It is likely he has children. Fred can be found living at ***** Cape Cod Cir, Carlsbad CA.

He served in the Military Reaction Force of the British Army from 1971 until late 1972 or early 1973. Additionally, he held positions within Army Reserves, American Legion, Elks Lodges, and Marycrest High School Booster Club.

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