Franziska Fox

Fox became famous with her breakout role in Adam Sandler’s Uncut Gems movie and subsequent romance with Kanye West, she quickly earned recognition for her bold sense of style. From signature little black dresses to wild DIYs, she never shies away from taking risks and serving up eye-catching looks.

Recent viral TikTok video showcased Franziska Fox rating her own fashion designs and co-designing the Franziska Fox line of women’s premium knitwear with Briana Andalore.

Early Life and Education

Franziska von Karma is an invincible prosecutor known for never losing a case, who raised Miles Edgeworth as her adopted “little brother”.

Early in her career, she held various service jobs such as shoe store and ice cream shop clerk before transitioning into Dominatrix work. Later she joined Manhattan’s art scene as both model and muse.

She later assisted Interpol with their investigation of an international smuggling ring and was led to Hope Springs Airport where she investigated the murder of Akbey Hicks.

Franziska is an arrogant and self-centered character who frequently uses insults as a means of asserting her superiority over those she considers inferior, such as Pearl Fey and Edgeworth. Franziska can sometimes lose her cool unexpectedly, leading her to make several errors that ultimately cost her her job as the leader of Team Kiki Grainger.

Professional Career

Franziska Fox co-founded Franziska Fox women’s knitwear line with designer Briana Andalore and has modelled for brands including Diesel, Coach New York and Supreme. Additionally she has appeared in various fashion editorials as well as Playboy’s final nude issue cover story.

Fox is an accomplished artist who enjoys exploring contemporary aesthetics and trends, such as donning menswear outfits with large shoulder pads and bloomers or exhibiting silk canvases painted with her blood in an art exhibit.

Recent success for her includes finding an audience on TikTok where she makes fun of neurodivergent life while making provocative statements that have attracted over one million views each. Furthermore, she hosts an influential podcast with fellow influencer Nikki Takesh called Forbidden Fruits that features sex workers and scam artists as guests.

Achievement and Honors

Fox was an impressive fashion model who captured the attention of top clothing companies such as Diesel, Coach New York and Supreme. Additionally, she appeared in magazines such as CR Fashion Book, Vogue and The Face.

She later made her film debut in Uncut Gems by the Safdie brothers for Netflix, playing Julia De Fiore – a showroom saleswoman and mistress to Howard Ratner – earning nominations from both Toronto Film Critics Association and Gotham Awards for her performance.

Fox later ventured into art, displaying her works at gallery exhibitions and self-publishing a number of photography books. Additionally, she co-founded Franziska Fox women’s knitwear luxe line alongside Briana Andalore as well as hosting podcasts about interior design tours.

Personal Life

Fox is no stranger to being in the limelight; she has made waves as both a teenage dominatrix and popular TikTok philosopher. Additionally, she cofounded a knitwear line with Briana Andalore as well as being an accomplished artist whose exhibits and photography books explore her world of drugs, broken romances, and nude modeling.

Fox made her feature film debut alongside Adam Sandler in Uncut Gems as Howard Ratner’s mistress and employee, landing the part after she made friends with both Josh Safdie (director) and his brother Benny Safdie (brother of Josh Safdie) while filming was underway.

She can often be heard discussing her sensuous style and sharing life advice on the Forbidden Fruits podcast, where she often keeps her age a secret – adding even more mystery. A true hustler with unstoppable drive, her determination has helped create her own path to success.

Net Worth

Fox became an industry superstar through fashion modeling and editorial shoots as well as social media endorsement. Her beauty and body earned the respect of top industry players such as Nicki Minaj and Kylie Jenner – both who featured her dresses in photoshoots!

Franziska Fox collaborated as a textile designer with Briana Andalore to launch Franziska Fox women’s knitwear. Additionally, she modelled and posed for Playboy’s final nude issue in 2015. Additionally, she self-published two photography books: Symptomatic of a Relationship Gone Sour: Heartburn/Nausea and PTSD as well as hosting an art exhibit featuring silk canvases painted with blood from herself.

Julia De Fiore made a significant statement when she made her acting debut in Uncut Gems by the Safdie brothers on Netflix, auditioning alongside over 200 actresses for Adam Sandler’s Howard Ratner (played by Adam Sandler). Over 200 auditioned to play Julia De Fiore – an unconventional jewelry saleswoman and mistress who turns out to be Howard Ratner’s mistress!

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