Frankie Sixx

Frankie Sixx – The Daughter of Motley Crue Rocker Nikki Sixx and Baywatch Star Donna D’Errico

The daughter of Motley Crue rocker Nikki Sixx and Baywatch star Donna D’Errico, Frankie Sixx has gotten into the world of acting. Escape From Area 51 is her latest sci-fi comedy, and it will be released in the United States in the summer 2021.

Sixx has been a social media influencer for the past few years, as well as a model. She has received a great deal of attention from fans and is known for her great philanthropic efforts. The 22-year-old model was born in the United States on the 2nd of January 2001. She is Nikki Sixx’s only child. She has three half-siblings, three older and one younger.

Despite the terrible events that took place, Easton Easterson is still with Frankie Sixx. While the couple are now long-distance lovers, they still share the same love for one another. Easton also plays ice hockey for the El Paso Rhinos. They have been together for a while.

Nikki Sixx shared a photo of her daughter Frankie and her son Jesse in a recent Instagram post. Although he did not reveal any details about the death of their child, he thanked his fans and followers for sending him a picture of her daughter Frankie and wished her a happy birthday.

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