Frank Worth

Frank Worth was an iconic black and white photographer during Hollywood’s Golden Age when stars were bound by studio rules and subject to studio control. His candid black-and-white pictures of celebrities from that era remain treasured remembrances.

Petitioners Donald and Marie Worth, along with their son Frank Worth, operated White Sands Surf & Skateboard Stores – a chain of surf and skateboard stores.

Early Life and Education

Frank was born and raised in Davenport, Iowa alongside his sister. He attended public school to receive his early education.

His father remains unknown, although it appears he was likely from middle class origins and did his best to raise his children. Frank now resides in America as an antique collector and TV host – co-hosting American Pickers on History channel with Mike Wolfe.

Frank’s compensation as the combined president-chancellor role has come under criticism from various community members, primarily those skeptic of bonuses being awarded for enrollment and fundraising metrics, or successfully managing diminished state and taxpayer support, aren’t justifiable enough. No matter their opinions though, Frank’s work remains impressive.

Professional Career

Frank Fritz is a reality television star and antique collector worth an estimated $6 Million, who has made History Channel series American Pickers one of the highest-ranked nonfiction shows ever on television.

The show follows him and Mike Wolfe on their adventures across America in search of antique and rare items, with over 300 episodes over 22 seasons being broadcast.

James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Pat O’Brien and Frank Sinatra were just some of the famous faces Worth was fortunate enough to meet. He photographed them at their homes or private parties allowing him to capture them differently than other photographers at that time – his black-and-white candid photographs providing a stark contrast from traditional glamour shots of their day.

Achievement and Honors

Frank is an exceptional member of the Air Force and has received several honors throughout his career. Additionally, he has taken part in numerous charitable and philanthropic endeavors.

He specializes in endocrinology and research, publishing numerous scientific journal articles. Additionally, he enjoys being involved with multiple National Institute of Health study sections as they can be immensely fulfilling experiences.

However, he believes he does not deserve the salary CSU is offering him. His supporters, however, point to enrollment growth and increased fundraising as reasons to justify it; also they credit him with helping navigate reduced state (and thus tuition) support; furthermore he holds endorsement agreements with FEAR OF GOD as well as owning an expensive house.

Personal Life

Frank has become a household name after appearing on the reality series American Pickers and earning up to $300,000 per season of the show – plus bonuses depending on its ratings!

He became acquainted with many celebrities, forging close bonds that allowed him to take unique pictures of them in their natural settings, rather than the more common posed glamour shots seen at that time.

His net worth now totals $5 Million and he has amassed two books and written extensively on travel topics. Paddy’s Pub in Davenport, Iowa and is well known in its local area as well as being known for being an animal lover with two dogs named Daisy and Lilly as pets.

Net Worth

After his time on American Pickers came to an end, Frank pursued other ventures. He found success as an author and host for other shows like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

His book deals and speaking engagements generated additional income, further increasing his net worth. Furthermore, he made strategic real estate investments that added to his fortune.

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