Flynn Stocklin

Colleen Ballinger and Her Baby Boy Flynn Timothy Stocklin

Colleen Ballinger and Erik Stocklin welcomed Flynn Timothy Stocklin to the world. The couple has been sharing videos of their new son. The baby boy is already a celebrity among infants. Their baby was born on Dec. 10th. Flynn was previously a friend of the couple.

Flynn was first born to the couple’s friends and family. He also shared the day with his cousins and father’s friends. They also attended a party together with their parents. The celebration was very special for the family. A few months later, Flynn’s twin sister was born and soon they’ll celebrate the little boy’s first birthday.

Flynn Timothy Stocklin was born on December 10, 2018. He is the son Colleen Ballinger’s YouTube sensation. The former Miranda Sings star and PsychoSoprano actress has a main channel as well as a vlog channel. His parents documented his entire pregnancy in online videos and released one of them, “The Birth of my son! The video has been viewed more than 26 million times.

Flynn is still a young child but his parents have amassed a substantial net worth. His father, Eric Stocklin, has accumulated over $800 thousand in assets. His mother Colleen has a net worth in excess of $8 million. The baby boy is Colleen Ballinger’s first child, the YouTube sensation Miranda Sings and actor Erik Stocklin. He was born 3 weeks before his due date. Flynn was named after his great-great-grandfather, who was Irish.

Erik Flynn Stocklin is also an actor. He has appeared on several television shows and in national commercials. He also has a role in the Netflix original series ‘Haters Back Off’. His work in this series has earned him praise. He also has starred in a number of movies.

Erik Stocklin’s net worth is estimated to be $12 million by 2020. Stocklin has been a star in many successful TV and movie shows. He also voices animated movies and videogames. Currently, he earns $1 million a year as an actor. He is only 40 years old but will continue to be one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actors.

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