Flozell Daniels

Flozell Daniels – A Catalyst for Justice

With her commitment to racial equity, Flozell leads the vision and strategy of Foundation for Louisiana as it acts as an agent of change, providing grantmaking and loan products, leadership development programs and more.

He has provided 14 years of groundbreaking leadership, serving as a trusted and respected partner to numerous committed organizations and caring residents across the state. He has set the bar high when it comes to justice-aligned philanthropy that will have generations-long impacts.

Early Life and Education

Flozell Daniels firmly subscribes to the phrase, “it takes a village to raise a child”. His childhood provided ample proof of this concept: He lived in an inclusive community where he ran errands for neighbors and served as leader on his school’s Key Club.

At the Foundation for Louisiana, Flozell oversees all operations ranging from grantmaking and investing, communications and strategy development, public outreach as well as representing its programs and vision for change to grantees, philanthropic partners and the general public. He specializes in community development, public policy advocacy and leadership development with particular interest in climate policy and transit equity; native of New Orleans himself he currently resides with his family in Freret.

Professional Career

Flozell Daniels is an award-winning public policy and community engagement strategist specializing in economic development, resilience building, legislative strategy development and leadership training. He has led over $50 million of award-winning community investment strategies that brought committed organizations together in Louisiana.

Prior to joining Grantmakers for Southern Progress, he served Tulane University as an assistant vice president and executive director for state and local affairs. In addition to this position, he also sat on the Greater New Orleans Funders Network Board of Directors and as founding member.

After his son was murdered in New Orleans, he became an outspoken advocate for criminal justice reform, testifying at legislative hearings about how continuing a system that prioritizes revenge does not provide healing or reduce crime. His work has had an immensely profound effect on nationwide reform initiatives.

Achievement and Honors

Before joining the Foundation for Louisiana in 2011, Flozell served as Tulane University’s Assistant Vice President & Executive Director of State and Local Affairs. Prior to that role, he gained public policy experience while working in community engagement as an Urban Policy Specialist & Administrative Assistant for Office of Mayor Division of Federal & State Programs for City of New Orleans.

Flozell oversees every aspect of the Foundation’s operations – from grantmaking and investing, communications and strategy, organizational leadership as well as field leadership – at this time. He represents its programs and vision for change to its grantees, philanthropic partners, the media and general public alike.

Charmel Gaulden will take over for Flozell as Justice Director. Charmel brings strong leadership experience as well as knowledge in justice matters.

Personal Life

This episode explores how Flozell Daniels came to champion criminal justice reform following the killing of his 20-year-old son. Additionally, it explores community’s importance and how his life experiences shaped his views of forgiveness, compassion and caring for each other.

Daniels serves as CEO and President of Foundation for Louisiana, established to foster equitable recovery from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005. Under his 14-year leadership, this nonprofit invests in people and practices to reduce vulnerability while strengthening communities statewide through grantmaking/loan products/community development/advocacy on issues including criminal justice reform/climate policy/transportation equity equity issues.

Daniels first gained experience in public policy as the assistant vice president and executive director of state and local affairs at Tulane University and as urban policy specialist in Mayor Marc Morial’s office of New Orleans. Daniels is also a graduate of Oxford’s Said Business School’s Impact Investing Programme; an Opportunity Agenda Communications Institute Fellow since 2011; and member of Metropolitan Leadership Forum.

Net Worth

Flozell enjoys spending his free time with his family and can often be found attending second lines and festivals that celebrate Southern culture. Additionally, he is an advocate for New Orleans’ historic neighborhoods like Freret and New Orleans East.

As CEO and President of Foundation for Louisiana (formerly Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation), Flozell provides organizational and field leadership. He has overseen more than $50 million in award-winning community investment strategies that bring together committed communities with caring residents to spark positive change across Louisiana.

Net worth refers to the value of an individual’s assets minus liabilities. Some assets that make up someone’s net worth include real estate, investments and retirement accounts – investing in assets that appreciate is key for building wealth over time.

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