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Dig Your Roots Album Review

When you hear the name Florida Georgia Line, you immediately think about their hit single “Cruise.” But that’s just one part of the story. Over the last decade, Florida Georgia Line have dominated country music. Their 18 #1 hits have sold billions of records, and they’ve become the biggest country group of this generation.

That’s because Florida Georgia Line isn’t afraid to mix their pop perspective with a lot of other things, like rock, rap and reggae. They have no problem blurring the lines between country and other genres, as proven by their surprisingly diverse list of guest appearances. Ziggy Marley, the Backstreet Boys and Tim McGraw all appear on Dig Your Roots, the duo’s third studio album.

This is one of the most interesting things about Florida Georgia Line: They’re not afraid to break down the genre and make their own brand of juggernaut. And they’re doing it with an uncanny success rate.

Those who love Florida Georgia Line should be pretty excited about their latest album, Life Rolls On, which is out this week. It features 16 tracks that show a new level of creative growth.

The first single, “Long Live,” is a fun, feel-good track that will get you smiling and singing along from the first note. It’s a bouncy, upbeat song that’s sure to be a hit, especially with fans who enjoy upbeat country music.

There are a few other tracks that are worth checking out on this record, too. The opening track, “Long Live,” will instantly remind you of your favorite Florida Georgia Line songs and will get you excited for what’s to come.

Another song that you’ll want to check out is “Made By The Water.” It’s a catchy and upbeat tune about falling in love on a beach or boat. The lyrics are incredibly romantic and will have you imagining the perfect day by the ocean.

The song is accompanied by a music video that shows the two boys having an enjoyable time on the beach. It’s a great way to start the album off, and you’ll be singing along for the rest of the night!

While this album is definitely not as good as the band’s previous work, it does feature a few more great tracks. The duo has always been able to produce good-quality, original songs. But they need to stop releasing shallow songs and start showing more of their true potential.

While this new hat will keep you warm and dry while listening to Florida Georgia Line’s new music, it won’t do much to change your opinion about the band. The best thing you can do for yourself is to listen to their music and learn more about them.

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