Floor Jansen Net Worth

Floor Jansen, born and based in Holland, is a singer, songwriter and vocal coach who has performed as part of After Forever, ReVamp and Nightwish bands.

Floor is an extraordinary performer who boasts an impressive vocal range spanning mezzo-soprano to soprano, having worked alongside progressive rock band Ayreon.

Early Life and Education

Floor Jansen was born 21 February 1981 in Goirle, North Brabant, Netherlands to parents who encouraged her musical career and dream of becoming a singer. Through their encouragement she has studied music at both secondary and higher education levels before going on to work with various bands such as Nightwish, ReVamp, Northward among many others.

Irene Jansen is also an accomplished musician and vocalist, showing great aptitude in guitar playing as well as flute & flute flute flute playing from an early age.

Jansen has an incredible taste in music, particularly classical and rock genres. She also possesses a delightful sense of humor. Jansen lives happily with drummer husband Hannes Van Dahl and their daughter on a private property.

Professional Career

Floor Jansen has made waves as a musician. She has gained worldwide acclaim through membership with such legendary groups as After Forever and Revamp as well as solo ventures.

At 16, she began studying music at the Rock Academy and performing professionally as a vocalist. Her first band was After Forever; however, they disbanded in 2009. Shortly afterwards she created ReVamp.

Beside her metal work, she is recognized for her incredible vocal range that spans from mezzo-soprano to soprano – making her standout among metal scene artists like Devin Townsend and Ayreon. Married to Hannes Van Dahl of Swedish heavy metal band Sabaton (drummer), Freya was born to them in 2017. They remain private about their private life.

Achievement and Honors

Floor Jansen is an accomplished vocalist renowned for her groundbreaking music. Her performances have garnered critical acclaim and she is widely awarded across various musical arenas – as well as being part of Nightwish, an iconic Finnish symphonic metal band.

Jansen is an inspirational singer who strives to become better. However, she remains quite reserved about sharing details of her personal life in interviews. Married to Hannes Van Dahl of Sabaton drummer fame and they share one daughter together.

Floor is a vegetarian who believes in taking care of herself and taking time for herself and family. Additionally, she has participated in many charitable works over time and enjoys social media – she currently has over 10,000 followers on Instagram!

Personal Life

Floor Jansen is an inspiring rock star renowned for her extraordinary vocal range and commanding stage presence. She has collaborated with some of the biggest bands such as Nightwish and Revamp while also enjoying a successful solo career.

She was born February 21st 1981 as a Pisces. She first started out her musical career with After Forever before creating ReVamp as her own band. Later, Nightwish invited her to join their Finnish symphonic metal lineup; which she accepted.

Floor Jansen and Hannes Van Dahl, drummer for popular metal band Sabaton, share an extremely private relationship and keep their family out of the spotlight. Yet they remain an inspirational couple who share an enjoyable lifestyle together.

Net Worth

Floor Jansen Net Worth is one of the best-known Dutch metal singers. She began as the lead vocalist of After Forever before joining Nightwish after their previous lead singer left to care for their newborn child.

She is also an accomplished songwriter, having contributed songs to albums by various artists. Known for her captivating performances that have amassed her a loyal fan base.

Though she prefers keeping her personal life private, it is public knowledge that she has been dating Hannes Van Dahl of Sabaton’s drum squad for an extended period. They share one daughter named Freja and reside together in Finland. Furthermore, she works as a professional voice coach and has taught numerous singers.

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