Fletcher Daniels

Fletcher Daniels

Fletcher Daniels has emerged as one of the marquee recruits of recent memory. A massive 6-foot-8 and 370-pound offensive lineman from Bergen Catholic High School in New Jersey, Daniels represents one of the biggest recruiting hauls ever.

His maternal grandfather was the fifth master distiller at Jack Daniel’s and also worked as a postal worker and civil rights leader, serving on both city school boards and state legislatures.

Early Life and Education

Fletcher Daniels was born in Muskogee, Oklahoma and graduated from Manual Training High School. Beginning his career as a postal worker and later becoming a community leader and school board member. Daniels became active in civil rights movement marches alongside Martin Luther King Jr and held several leadership roles including serving as President of his local chapter of NAACP and serving on Kansas City Committee for Social Action; additionally acting as advisor for black mayors throughout America as well as receiving numerous awards and honors for his services.

Sister Georgia Mae Joseph Daniels was born in Brunswick, Alabama and attended William Hooper Council High School before matriculating at Hartford Memorial Baptist College in New Iberia. As an active member of Star Temple Baptist Church and having accepted Christ early on as her Savior, Daniels later went on to teach various subjects for over 35 years in various positions across several schools in Louisiana and beyond.

Professional Career

Daniels competed for Windy City Pro Wrestling as well as Xtreme Pro Wrestling and Extreme Championship Wrestling as well as appearing as Curry Man on two episodes of Distraction as well as in a Chef Boyardee commercial.

Daniels returned to TNA as Suicide in April, teaming with Kazarian and Homicide against Generation Me and Bully Ray in a Lumberjack match on TNA Impact TV. Later that same evening he competed in the 2012 Bound for Glory Series opening gauntlet match on Impact Wrestling.

Daniels began hinting at his heel turn in May when he and his partners defeated Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed while they accused him of being Suicide. On September 22’s Impact episode he challenged Styles for his X Division Championship; eventually on December 9’s edition he defeated him and completed his heel turn.

Personal Life

Fletch is an investigative journalist writing an expose for the Los Angeles Times regarding drug trafficking on Southern California beaches. He encounters Boyd Aviation executive Alan Stanwyk while posing as a junkie and is offered money by him to kill himself, alleging that his bone cancer has left only months remaining of life and suicide would invalidate their life insurance policy. Fletch begins to suspect that Stanwyk may not actually be sick, and poses as an insurance investigator to gain access to his medical records. Fletch visits Gail at her tennis club and poses as her friend, learning that she recently converted $3 Million worth of personal stock in Boyd Aviation into cash for her husband, Fletch and Stanwyk have devised a plan to fake his death as burglary then escape to Rio with it all.

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