Final Fantasy 14 Determination

How to Increase Your Final Fantasy 14 Determination

Having the ability to determine your opponent is one of the most important things in Final Fantasy 14. Whether you are fighting against an enemy you cannot stand, or a foe who is incredibly powerful, your ability to determine your opponent can determine the outcome of the battle. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to increase your ability to determine your opponent.

Red Mages

Having a Red Mage in your party is a great way to get extra damage on your next battle. The class is one of the most versatile DPS jobs in Final Fantasy 14 and has a wide variety of powerful skills. It’s also very rewarding to play.

The Red Mage is a high damage class that offers a great mix of offensive and healing spells. They can also be useful in supporting other members of your party. As a bonus, they’re easy to learn. This makes them a great class for new players who are just starting out with magic.

Red Mages have a lot of different skills, so they’re great for a beginner. The main attribute of Red Mages is intelligence. This attribute boosts the power of attack magic and boosts HP recovery when healed. Having high Intelligence also improves the damage dealt by magic.

Red Mages can also meld materia that increases both Determination and Direct Hit. These materia have a 0 MP cost, and they are always active.


Those who choose the Machinist job in Final Fantasy 14 are looking to bring a little bit of a modern, steampunk flair to their combat. Their abilities focus on burst damage windows, and they have a number of versatile AoE attacks available. Their job can be a little bit spammy, but it’s still an excellent choice for those looking to do some damage in a fast-paced, action-packed environment.

Machinists are a physical DPS job that uses mechanical weapons. The job’s main weapon is a gun, but machinists also have access to a number of firearm attachments. This job uses a combination of abilities and gauges to maximize their damage.

A Machinist’s damage is primarily determined by the Dexterity stat, which increases the amount of damage their weapon can deal. Machinists also have access to a Battery Gauge and Heat Gauge. Using these tools is important, as they can help amplify their damage output. The job is also able to deploy mechanical turrets that differentiate it from other DPS jobs.

Critical Hit

Having a critical hit determination in Final Fantasy 14 is not just a cool-looking statistic. It’s also a way to boost your damage. Using critical hit materia will not only boost your damage output, but can also help buff allies.

The Critical Hit stat is a great way to boost damage in Final Fantasy 14. Its effectiveness is multiplied as your stat rises.

It also has some nice side benefits, such as increasing your total health, granting you the ability to heal your enemies, and giving you a small buff to your spell speed. Its main drawback is that it does not stack.

In Final Fantasy XIV, the chance to get a critical hit depends on the weapon you’re using. It can range from 2% to 5% for standard weapons.

The best way to increase your critical hit determination is to meld Critical Hit Materia. The higher the Determination stat, the more powerful your magic, physical, and healing skills will be.

Direct Hit Rate

Having Direct Hit Rate is an important part of your damage stats in Final Fantasy XIV. Regardless of your job, everyone is expected to contribute to dealing damage. If you want to deal as much damage as possible, you’ll want to increase your Direct Hit Rate.

Direct Hit Rate is one of the new stats in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. It will affect both physical and magical attacks. When you increase your Direct Hit Rate, you’ll get a higher chance of landing a direct hit. You’ll also increase your average damage per hit.

The amount of damage you deal from a direct hit is the same as the amount of damage you deal from a critical hit. But it’s important to remember that direct hits stack with critical hits. So if you have a 5% chance to deal a direct hit, you’ll deal 25% more damage.

In addition to the bonus of Direct Hit Rate, certain actions can also guarantee you a critical hit. In the case of a warrior, for example, you can use the Inner Release skill to automatically deal a critical direct hit.

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