Ffx2 Best Garment Grids

Final Fantasy X-2 Garment Grids

Final Fantasy X-2 lets you harness the power and potential of dresspheres to your advantage. Each character can have up to six dresspheres at once and each Garment Grid has one. Some Grid effects require you to switch between different dresspheres mid-battle, while others are automatic once you equip the Grid.

These grids can be used to outfit your character and are extremely useful. For example, in the first storyline mission, you’ll need to defeat the Flame Dragon in a cave on Besaid island. This dressphere is powerful and can be used to equip two Garment Grids at any time.

You’ll receive a starting Garment Grid after completing the first mission. These grids are available after you have completed Chapter 1: Luca. You must tell Isaaru what the meaning of your life is to get a Garment Grid. You can also find these grids in the Mushroom Rock and Besaid chapters.

Chocobo: A White Mage can gain the most useful abilities by traversing Garment Grids during battles. A Gun Mage can learn any abilities, and can learn Scan Lv.3 for a cost of 100 AP. The Chocobo also needs an Esuna ability, and Vigor if you want to catch it.

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