Ff14 Best Way To Get Tomestones

Best Way to Get Tomestones in FF14

The Duty Roulette system is the best way to farm Tomestones for FF14. Depending on your luck with randos, you can get up to 125 Tomestones each day in this way.

There are several ways to earn Tomestones of Causality in FF14. Daily duty roulettes are a reliable way to earn Tomestones of Causality. This requires level 90 jobs. Another way is to run dungeons, which reward Tomestones of Causality. Most duties of level 90 reward a small amount in Tomestones. Spoilers may not always list all available duties. You can also acquire Tomestones by playing different PVP modes.

As rewards for completing certain tasks, such collecting stamps or daily Roulettes, Tomestones can be given out. They can also be used to complete undersized duties on higher level jobs. However, the best way to farm Tomestones is to craft the proper gear. These gems can give you an edge over your competition by being sourced from the right places.

You can also farm Tomestones by farming in the dungeons. The Alliance dungeons provide a good source for 60 and 70 Tomestones. You can also get them by completing Main Scenario Quests for the jobs that need leveling. This will allow you to quickly use up all your Tomestones, without wasting too much time.

Farming Poetics is another great way to farm Tomestones. These items can be purchased from vendors in party finders or housing districts. These items are great for those who love lore. Fledgling Dodos, Wide-Eyed Fawn and Wide-Eyed Fawn were two of my favorite. The Reflections Orchestrion Roll is also highly recommended! It’s a must-have for lore and good vibes enthusiasts.

Hunting Endwalkers is another great way to get Tomestones. The hunts take 20 to 25 minutes and reward 10 Tomestones for each A rank monster you kill. This is a better way to earn Tomestones than soloing these monsters. To keep up to date on hunt sessions, you can also join the Discord Server.

The dungeons and raids in FF14 are another way to grind Tomestones. You can also level up your characters to obtain more powerful items. You can even level up to 90 to improve your gear!

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