Fatal Car Accident Dayton Ohio Yesterday

Deadly Car Accident Happened Yesterday in Dayton, Ohio

A deadly car accident happened yesterday in Dayton, Ohio. Two vehicles were involved in the crash, one of them a stolen police vehicle. According to Montgomery County Regional Dispatch the crash occurred just before noon. Both vehicles sustained severe damage. One of the vehicles flipped, and three people were trapped inside it. They were transported to hospitals in the Dayton area.

Police are investigating the incident. Anyone with information can contact them by calling 937-333-COPS (1359) or 937-222-STOP-7867. Police are also trying to develop long-term strategies for improving traffic safety. The crash occurred on Gettysburg Avenue in Dayton.

The crash is suspected to be the result of excessive speed. Police claim that the driver failed to slow down when he tried to pass a minivan carrying a trailer. The black Malibu driver crossed the double yellow line and hit the minivan. Both vehicles were moving at high speeds, and one passenger wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.

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