Fallout New Vegas Ranger Sequoia

Fallout New Vegas Ranger Sequoia

The Ranger Sequoia is a scopeless variant of the Hunting Revolver. It is a powerful revolver, but too large to use as a holdout weapon. Here are some of the pros and cons of this firearm. First, it is glitchy.

Ranger Sequoia is a rare, scopeless variant of the Hunting Revolver

This rare double-action revolver has an engraved brass plate on the barrel and intricate gold engravings on the grip. A standing bear and a star are carved into the grip, and a brass plate with the phrase “20 Years” is inscribed on the barrel. This rifle is not very practical for concealed carry in casinos, and requires a large amount of storage space.

This gun is used in two movie-related challenges in Fallout New Vegas: “Dying Ain’t Much of a Livin'” and “Dyin’ Ain’t Much of a Life.” The “Dyin’ Ain’t” challenge requires the player to kill enemies using a Cowboy themed weapon.

It is a powerful revolver

One of the most powerful weapons in Fallout New Vegas is the Ranger Sequoia, a revolver with a scopeless design. This powerful weapon is a part of the Hunter’s Revolver family and has 188 DPS and a low spread. The Ranger Sequoia is also one of the few guns that can fire critical damage. It also has a high damage multiplier and perks, giving it a considerable edge over other firearms.

The Ranger Sequoia is also capable of shooting a wide variety of targets. The rifle is common among NCR soldiers, Legionaries, and Wastelanders. In the game’s opening cutscene, a Fiend uses the rifle to counter-snipe the Ranger. This rifle is also commonly used by Ranger’s companion Craig Boone, who uses a scoped version. The Assault Carbine is also a common weapon, but lacks a suppressor.

It is glitchy

The Ranger Sequoia is a large, double-action revolver that is a scopeless variant of the hunting revolver used by the New California Republic Rangers. It has the highest base damage of any pistol in the game, a high crit chance, and can fire 745 rounds before breaking. However, some players have reported that this pistol is very glitchy and difficult to use.

If you want to get the Ranger Sequoia weapon, you can type the console command setstage 14f3b1 100 and hit the shoot button. Then, use your firearm to shoot Ranger Hanlon in the head. This should kill him with one shot. You can only do this once, but you need to kill him before the NCR troops turn hostile. You can then find the weapon on his body.

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