Fallout New Vegas Heavy Handed

Fallout New Vegas Heavy Handed Guide

The Heavy Handed skill will increase your melee and unarmed damage. In addition, you will also have a reduced chance of committing a critical hit. This skill is only applicable to unarmed weapon types. It will also decrease the damage from sneak attacks and weapon modifiers. Heavy Handed is not recommended for players who want to use weapons that have high critical hit chances, such as the Ripper, Thermic lance, and Chainsaw.

Fast Shot

Fast Shot is an optional skill in Fallout New Vegas that allows you to make the most of your gunplay. It increases fire rate by 20% but decreases accuracy. Using it will make hitting enemies much easier and can also increase your ROF. However, you must have the immersive recoil mod for this trait to function.

This skill is very useful in long range combat, as it can greatly increase your total damage. You can also increase your weapon’s fire rate by 20%, and it will also reduce your AP cost when firing it. This trait has some negative drawbacks, so make sure you’re sure you don’t get carried away using it.

Loose Cannon

The Fallout New Vegas heavy handed loose cannonal trait increases attack speed by 30%. It also reduces the amount of action points needed to throw weapons. However, it decreases the range of the weapon by 25%. Despite this, the loose cannon is very useful for close-range fights.

The Heavy Handed trait increases damage from melee weapons. Players can also use this trait to increase unarmed damage. The trait also negates 60% of critical damage. The disadvantage is that it will require a character with a very small frame and lower agility.


The Heavy Handed trait in Fallout New Vegas is a useful tool for increasing melee and unarmed damage. However, it has a few disadvantages. First, it reduces critical hit damage by 60%. It also decreases weapon damage and weapon modifier damage. As a result, Heavy Handed makes unarmed weapons less effective. For example, a Thermic lance only deals ten critical hit damage and a Chainsaw only deals eight. In addition, the Ripper and Rebar club only have a low critical hit chance and have a low critical hit multiplier.

Four Eyes

Fallout New Vegas allows you to choose up to 2 character attributes, each of which has different advantages and disadvantages. The Four Eyes trait can be useful to enhance your character’s perception. You can choose from several perks from the Perception tree, including explosives, lockpicking, and sneak attacks.

The Perception trait is helpful for boosting your energy weapons and lockpicking skills, as it increases the distance at which you can detect your enemies. This trait has a small impact on gameplay, but it’s worth investing in if you like fighting enemies at long range. The trait also has a side benefit – it can remove SPECIAL points.

Hot Blooded

This Fallout New Vegas perk is designed for character builds aimed at melee combat. It grants 15% extra damage when the character’s health drops below 50%. The Hot Blooded trait is also helpful for character builds that want to create mayhem in the wasteland. Moreover, the trait makes combat more realistic, as it includes new explosions and character reactions.

While this mod hasn’t yet been released, it is already proving its worth. It adds more content for players to explore in Fallout New Vegas. It also brings in more NPCs and caravan routes. Its inclusion will further strengthen the modding community.

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