Fallout New Vegas Elite Riot Gear

Fallout New Vegas Elite Riot Gear

The Elite riot gear in Fallout New Vegas is a highly advanced set of armor. It offers protection equal to that of the T-45d power armor. It also has a night vision unit and advanced optics. This combination of features makes it a powerful set of armor for combating crime in the sandbox.

Gray duster

If you’re into riot gear in Fallout New Vegas, you can now obtain the Gray duster. This piece of elite riot gear provides an armored knee guard, an extra set of green tubes on the gas filter, and a flashlight antenna connected to your belt. It also features a headgear that gives you an extra five Speech and two Perception. It’s also possible to obtain the elite riot gear via the Third Street Municipal Building, where you can find a dead NCR riot control officer.

This armor is a distinctly different style from other riot gear in the game, and is unique enough to stand out from the crowd. It offers the highest level of protection for its weight, and is more durable than any other medium armor available. It also has the highest value of any armor in the game. The only downside to the Elite riot gear is that it’s not cheap to repair through merchants.

Protection comparable to T-45d power armor

Power Armor in Fallout New Vegas is a type of protective gear. This gear allows users to use guns and other weapons while in full body armor. It is a powerful suit of armor, but requires training to use. It also requires a metric ton of weight and is not suitable for people who have very weak arms.

The T-45d power armor is one example of such protection. This kind of armour is also worn by patrols of New Vegas, who are found dead wearing it. However, it isn’t entirely clear that power armor is actually a good choice for these people. The game also includes super mutants, which were organic solutions to the problem of power armor. They are able to destroy massive units and could be easily resupplied.

Low-light visibility

Fallout New Vegas’ elite riot gear offers an additional benefit: low-light visibility. When used with a helmet, this feature reduces the blurring effect of gunfire while sneaking. The helmet also has an advanced night vision system that interfaces with the riot armor.

The Elite Riot Gear is a unique set of armor, introduced in the Lonesome Road DLC. Due to its optional nature, it’s easy to overlook, but its benefits are significant. It gives players a five-skill boost and two-skill perception boosts, while offering twenty-two damage protection. It can be obtained from a soldier at the Third Street Municipal Building.


One of the most cool and unique pieces of Fallout New Vegas Elite riot gear is the riot gear helmet. Activated by a hotkey, this helmet is arguably the most durable piece of riot gear in the game. It increases the wearer’s damage resistance by two and their Repair skill by five. The helmet is also classed as heavy gear, but can be jury-rigged to make power armor.

Elite riot gear is among the most advanced armor pieces in the game. This type of gear offers the greatest protection for its weight. It also has the highest item HP of any armor in the game. However, this armor is quite expensive to repair, even with the use of merchants.

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