Fallout New Vegas Cowboy Build

Fallout New Vegas Cowboy Build Guide

A Cowboy build in Fallout New Vegas is a good choice for a hardcore, non-selective play style. The Survival skill and associated perks are a must for this style. The drawback to this build is its lack of stealth. However, this build is known as the bringer of Wasteland justice, and as such, should be played with good karma.

Sequoia pistol

When a cowboy wants a powerful revolver, the Ranger Sequoia is an excellent choice. This pistol has a beautiful inscription on its barrel and grip. It has 188 DPS and is easy to find at a NCR Veteran Ranger supply shack. The pistol also has a high critical chance and high durability. It also has a low spread, and the Ranger can equip perks for increased damage.

YCS/186 revolver

If you’re looking for an awesome firearm to use in your Fallout New Vegas cowboy build, you may be wondering which revolver to use. Both revolvers can be used in a similar manner, but the YCS/186 is much more powerful. The YCS/186 is a high-quality assault rifle that uses a unique type of ammunition. This type of ammunition reduces spread by 35%. However, it doesn’t work in VATS.

Oh Baby melee weapon

The Oh Baby is one of the most powerful melee weapons in Fallout New Vegas. It is a variant of the Super Sledge that deals double damage and has a larger striking surface. Unlike other melee weapons, Oh Baby’s attack is boosted with VATS, which means it can deal 50% more damage in V.A.T.S. This weapon can only be obtained from a special location in the Charleston Cave.

Swift Learner perk

The Swift Learner perk increases experience gained by 10%. However, this perk wastes a perk slot. It’s worthless if you’re just playing in singleplayer, since faster leveling is almost useless. A better perk for this build would be the Skilled trait, which gives a -10% XP reduction for all Skilled skills.

Fat Mans mini-nuke launcher

If you’re a fan of heavy explosives, the Fat Man mini-nuke launcher should be on your priority list. It can destroy anything in its path. You’ll also want to equip power armor if you want to keep yourself safe from radiation and other dangerous elements.

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