Faber Orange Crush Seltzer

The Crush Orange Seltzer

The Crush Orange has a long history of pleasing consumers. You can find this sweet brew in a variety of flavors, including a classic orange, as well as a lemon lime. However, the Orange Crush has a lot more going for it than just an attractive color. It contains ingredients like sweet citrus triple sec and smooth premium vodka. These ingredients combine to make a delicious drink with a low calorie count. This beverage also has some other impressive statistics.

The Crush Orange was one of the first calorie-free drinks in the market, and the drink has been expanding ever since. Depending on the flavor you choose, you can get a whopping 160 calories or less, making it a great choice for a post-workout or after-dinner treat. A bottle of this seltzer contains 0.01 calories per oz, and it comes in a convenient pack of singles to go. If you’re looking for a more calorie-conscious alternative, you can always reach for Diet Pepsi with Splenda.

While this is not an exact science, the best way to judge the benefits of the Crush is to consider its nutritional credentials. While it might not have the sexiest label, you can expect to get a decent amount of vitamins and minerals. In fact, Marco’s Pizza’s 20-oz Bottle of Orange Crush is loaded with 62 milligrams of vitamin C.

For a real treat, you can also try Harvey’s Small Orange Crush, which has a whopping 108 calories. There’s also a Crush Soda Orange Soda, which has a similar calorie count. They may not be the sexiest, but they sure taste good.

Another cool thing about the Crush is its small-but-stylish packaging. It’s available in a can, a bottle, or a powder stick. The powder stick is a particularly handy option, since you can grab it and go! One can of the aforementioned beverage is about the size of a matchbox. To spruce up this calorie-free beverage, you can also add a squeeze of citrus or a splash of lime.

Of course, you can’t have an authentic Crush Orange without a real orange. Luckily, you can buy it in bulk from the grocery store, or you can buy it at a restaurant. But if you’re not into the hassle of buying the drink on the spot, you can get it all the time through takeout and delivery. Just make sure you keep an eye out for the most recent update!

Considering the high price of these beverages, you’d be wise to shop around for the best deals. Some retailers offer special offers on these products, and you can also save by checking out the product page on the company’s website. From there, you’ll find an assortment of flavors that will suit your mood and taste preferences.

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