Evelyn Mae Forsyth

Evelyn Mae Forsyth

Evelyn Mae Forsyth, was born August 27, 2020. She is a famous child. She is Joy Anna’s second child. Watt. Her birth name was announced a few days after she gave birth. This is a new addition in the Duggar family.

In the latest Instagram post, the Duggar family shared a picture of Evelyn Mae. In it, she was already carrying a baby bump, and was more than ten pounds. Her mom has shared several pictures of the two of them together. Fans are commenting on how much they look alike.

Joy Grace shared several pictures of her and Evelyn cuddling with her family. They also shared some photos from their time together in the outdoors. Apparently, the couple shared a similar love of nature. Their relationship is a close one, and they were close as kids.

A couple of months after giving birth to their first child, Joy-Anna Forsyth and her husband Austin have already welcomed their baby Evelyn Mae. The couple welcomed their baby girl on Thursday and shared photos on their Instagram account. They will be sharing pictures of their little girl in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for updates.

Joy Forsyth and Austin have a beautiful daughter. Evelyn, their first child, is the result of seven years of marriage. Their second daughter is due in fall. It is not known how many grandchildren the couple has. Nevertheless, their second child will be like their first.

Forsyth’s Instagram account was dark for five days before she joined the TLC show. Many assumed she had given birth during that time. She was 25 weeks pregnant when she died. Roxanne was her companion at the time.

Joy-Anna’s doctor flagged a bump on Evy’s head and shared the video with fans. The bump could be a sign of a serious health issue and could endanger the girl. Joy-Anna and Austin share a three-year-old son, Gideon.

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