Evanka Franjko

Evanka Franjko – Biography and Net Worth

Evanka Franjko is an American social media influencer best known for her marriage to Joey Buttafuoco – the actor, television personality and auto body shop owner. Evanka Franjko became widely recognized after marrying Joey Buttafuoco as his second wife.

The couple tied the knot in 2005. Since then, their married life has been full of ups and downs including an attempt at divorce.

Early Life and Education

Evanka Franjko remains relatively unknown when it comes to her early life and education, due to being relatively inactive on social media and not revealing much information. We do not know much about her profession or if she has any children of her own.

However, she entered the public spotlight when she married Joey Buttafuoco – an auto body shop owner and television personality who made headlines for having an affair with a minor during the 1990s.

She lives a luxurious lifestyle and is well off. At 65, she boasts an attractive slim figure that stands 5 feet 7 inches. Additionally, she sports black eyes and red locks.

Professional Career

Franjko remains fairly unknown professionally as she remains relatively private about her career and work life. While she has gained notoriety through her work and celebrity status, she prefers living a modest lifestyle.

Franjko is an American of Croatian nationality who practices Christianity. With her striking beauty and dynamic personality, she has quickly established herself as an influential social media personality and celebrity wife while amassing substantial wealth through this venture.

Joey Buttafuoco, an American actor and television personality who also owns an auto body shop, and Evanka are currently married with one child each. Joey previously divorced his first wife Mary Jo in 2003 with whom he shared two children but then later remarried Evanka in 2005.

Achievement and Honors

Evanka Franjko is an excellent example of someone who has learned this difficult but essential lesson well: the Croatian woman famous for being Joey Buttafuoco’s second wife as an auto body shop owner and TV personality.

She lives a private and modest lifestyle, not disclosing much about herself or her personal matters in public. She is quite slim with black eyes and reddish-blonde locks.

She is a passionate animal rights activist who has rescued numerous animals. Additionally, she supports LGBT and 2nd Amendment rights while being an advocate for women and children’s rights. She studied at California State University Northridge before living in California with her son Nick Torchon.

Personal Life

Evanka Franjko leads an anonymous life, rarely discussing her personal matters in public. A perusal of her social media pages would reveal that she has one son named Nick Torchon and that she is passionate about animal rights, having rescued several cats, horses, dogs, and rabbits over time. Additionally she supports LGBT and 2nd amendment rights.

Although details remain scarce, she appears to be leading an impressive life. She has become an influential social media influencer with an established following on social media, boasting an impressive net worth.

Joey Buttafuoco, an American TV personality and auto body shop owner who became well-known following his relationship with a minor which made headlines, is her husband. He has appeared on shows such as Larry King Live and Judge Pirro.

Net Worth

Evanka Franjko remains unknown what her source of income is; however, reports indicate she reportedly has an estimated net worth of approximately $3 Million. She is married to American actor and TV personality Joey Buttafuoco who has made headlines due to illegal activities including fraud and pedophilia. Joey earns significant amounts through acting roles while guest starring on reality shows; also making appearances such as The Underground Comedy Movie: False Reality’, Operation Repo and so forth.

Additionally, he has also produced short films and television series. Furthermore, he runs an auto body shop from which he reportedly earns approximately $100,000 annually.

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