Esther Dias Leite

Esther Dias Leite is a Brazilian model and wife to former professional footballer Kaka. She’s known for her stunning beauty, frequently sharing pictures on her social media accounts of her amazing looks.

She and her husband, Pedro Leite are proud parents to Luca Celico Leite and Isabella Celico Leite whom she raises happily together. She leads a blissful life.

Early Life and Education

Liberalino Ferreira Leite was born in Brejos, Ceara, Brazil near Crato. By trade he was a farmer. He was the son of Inacio Ferreira Leite and Rita Liberalino de Meneses and had nine siblings.

Kaka married Carolina in 2002, and together they have two children whom are always seen smiling in photos together. Carolina also serves as stepmother to Kaka’s two previous marriages’ children – son Kaka and daughter Kadisya from prior relationships.

Esther was born October 8th 2020 and quickly became the pride of their family. They can often be seen sharing pictures of her online. Everyone seems happy and love traveling together; Esther looks strikingly similar to her mother while being extremely talented gymnast as well as an exceptional volleyball player.

Personal Life

Esther Dias Leite is married to retired football player Kaka and they share one daughter together named Esther whom both appear quite content in all photos of them together. Esther is Kaka’s third offspring from his previous marriage after Luca and Isabella.

She is an extremely gifted model and social media influencer with an impressive following on Instagram for her striking modeling and lifestyle photos. Additionally, she’s an avid traveller – having visited exotic beaches as well as snowy mountains! She often shares her travel adventures with followers on her social media pages while taking on photography projects too.

Net Worth

Carolina is a model and wife to Brazilian former professional footballer Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite (Kaka). She is mother of two children: Luca and Esther and has an exquisite smile and body to match!

Travel is her passion, whether that means visiting beaches or mountains with her family. Additionally, she always looks her best by dressing stylishly.

Her estimated net worth is an estimated $90 Million, enabling her to enjoy an extravagant lifestyle alongside her husband and daughter in Itacare, Brazil.

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