Escape From A House Of Horror 20/20 Full

Escape From a House of Horror 20/20 Full Episode

This evening, ABC 13 will air a special entitled “Escape from a House of Horror” in which host Diane Sawyer sits down with the Turpin children. The children were held captive in their California home for decades. They were finally freed in the year 2018. Diane Sawyer’s segment will focus on two of the daughters who survived the ordeal.

The Turpin children were starved, tortured, and filthy in their home. The ABC program will include never-before-seen police body camera tape as well as footage of the children’s daily lives. The Turpin children’s home was called a “house of horror” by authorities.

Throughout this story, Diane Sawyer will tell the stories of the children’s terrifying ordeal. In a perris, California, home, the children suffered from starvation, chained, and brutally beaten by their captors. She will also interview Jennifer Turpin, one of the two girls who escaped. The program will also include never-before-seen body camera footage and photographs of the children’s everyday lives.

The film is also a powerful message about abuse. While the film focuses on children in foster care, it also tackles the abuse they endured by their parents and by the state. It also teaches that overcoming adversity is possible through the power of courage. The film will forever remind us that anything is possible with strength.

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