Erna Klum

Heidi Klum and Her Mother Erna Klum

Erna Klum was born in Germany, and spent most of her childhood there. She did not attend college, but pursued a career in modeling. Her early years were hard because modeling was not considered a very lucrative career in Germany. She was always interested in dressing up her friends’ hair and decided to pursue this career when she was a teenager. She eventually became a professional hairdresser, and has been doing so for over two decades.

Erna Klum married her husband, Gunther, in the 1970s. The two hit it off, and have remained married for nearly five decades. The couple has two daughters, Heidi Klum and Michael Klum. Their oldest daughter, Heidi, was born in 1973, while their youngest, Michael, was born a decade later.

Heidi Klum and her mother Erna Klum recently collaborated on a cover of Vogue. A tribute to their grandmother Erna was posted on Thursday by Leni. She captioned the image in German to honor her grandmother. Heidi Klum and Erna Klum posed together for the December cover of Vogue Germany, and Heidi Klum shared the picture with her daughter Leni.

Erna Klum was originally a hairdresser who dabbled in modeling in her youth. However, breaking into the industry was hard in Germany in the 1960s. However, she liked to style other people’s hair and decided to turn this passion into a career. She has been a licensed hair stylist for over two decades. After Heidi Klum’s daughter was born, her career slowed down, but she continues to groom her daughter to be a model.

Heidi Klum was named one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world by People Magazine in 2001. The model also became a spokesmodel for Victoria’s Secret, where she was a spokesperson for the company. Her net worth is estimated to be around $500,000 as of 2022.

Erna Klum was born in Germany and was raised in Germany. She married Gunther Klum in the mid-1960s. She is the mother of Heidi Klum, a German-American model. She currently holds German citizenship. Her daughter Heidi Klum is also a successful model and TV host.

The model is currently dating guitarist Tom Kaulitz. The pair met on the set of Germany’s Next Top Model. Their relationship is very secretive and neither of them post information on their personal lives on social networking sites. She has four children with her ex-husband, Seal. Her relationship with Kaulitz has been a secret for several years.

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