Enterprise Vault Backup Best Practices

Enterprise Vault Backup Best Practices

Enterprise Vault offers tools and features that will help you back up your data safely and effectively. You should set up backup modes to make backups more efficient. This will prevent data loss or database deadlock. Resetting the archive bit and setting trigger files are also important parts of this process. Veritas BackupExec is also recommended.

You should backup your data as well as server configuration files and scripts used to control the Vault service. These files should be stored in a separate secure location from your Vault clusters. Backups of Vault data and storage are essential for disaster recovery. However, it is not always possible reverse any changes to your Vault configuration.

A second important step to backing up Enterprise Vault data, is to periodically query Enterprise Vault for configuration changes. Enterprise Vault backups can be performed once per week, and you should check for configuration changes at the least once per week. In addition, you should make regular backups of your Vault Store and the Index Server.

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