Emma Pokemon

Emma Pokemon Profile

Emma meets the player when she is on her first case. In the first game, she protects Mimi, but when she sees a stranger, she runs away. She later meets Looker, who invites her to stay at the Looker Bureau. He tells her to bring Mimi along, but Mimi runs away because she’s afraid of adults. Emma accepts the offer anyway.

Emma is a young woman who does not remember her family. Since she grew up in the sewers, she became close with the Pokemon of Lumiose City. She can also read their emotions, which allows her to solve crimes. Looker takes pity on her, and she is given the building when he leaves the city. Emma is now the head detective in Lumiose City, and she uses her Essentia Suit and her Pokemon to solve crimes. Emma also occasionally helps Serena with her investigations.

Emma’s Pokemon is Level 70. She uses a Sludge Bomb, but is weak against Ice, Psychic, and Flying. Emma is also a test subject for Xerosic’s Expansion Suit, a suit that gives users superhuman physical abilities and overrides Poke Ball programming. It also alters Emma’s appearance and removes her free will.

The quest is not over yet. Emma finds a note from Looker. This letter makes her upset because Looker is leaving town. In fact, he was last seen at Lysandre Cafe in Magenta Plaza. However, Looker decides to let Emma keep his Pokemon. The player can then use the suit to fight other villains.

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