Emanuel Augustus Net Worth

Emanuel Augustus never sought help; instead, the Chicagoan used his expertise in street fighting to launch his professional boxing career.

He amused audiences with his dynamic fighting style that befuddled opponents in the ring and won more fights than he lost.

But in 2014, his life took an unimaginable blow when a bullet entered his brain, almost killing him instantly.

Early Life and Education

Emanuel Augustus is an esteemed boxer. His income primarily derives from his career in boxing and has earned several prestigious accolades during this time.

Augustus lost to Micky Ward via 10-round decision on ESPN2’s “Friday Night Fights”, in a fight which earned Ring magazine’s Fight of the Year honors. Augustus would travel all around the world fighting and was famous for his antics inside of the ring.

Augustus would often dance around the ring or throw unconventional combinations and raise his arms in celebration during fights, and would frequently lose. Yet despite suffering repeated losses, Augustus continued fighting fiercely, living on an isolated street near Baton Rouge where freight trains passed daily and nightly.

Professional Career

Emanuel Augustus was an American professional boxer who gained worldwide renown due to his signature style and theatrical flair. Regularly seen on ESPN’s Friday Night Fights and ESPN2’s Tuesday Night Fights shows, Augustus became a household name among viewers worldwide.

Augustus had an almost two decade career as one of the sport’s premier gate keepers. Lacking any promoter or manager to oversee his career, he took fights at short notice around the world without fail, seeking any fight that offered a paycheck.

James “GT” Georgetown recalls Augustus from their sparring days at Baton Rouge’s 14th Street gym as being an aggressive, relentless competitor – always sporting gloves on his shoulders and with gloves at his fingertips, as per Georgetown.

Achievement and Honors

Emanuel Augustus is an iconic celebrity that is celebrated worldwide. Having achieved great things during his career and providing inspiration to many others, Augustus has also earned considerable wealth as a well-known boxer and has amassed considerable wealth for himself and others.

His bout with Micky Ward in 2001, named by both The Ring and ESPN as their fight of the decade, earned him regular appearances on Friday Night Fights and numerous wins over notable fighters.

Robert has made numerous television appearances, most recently appearing on “The Contender.” His fighting skills and charming personality quickly won over viewers of this reality TV show and made him a fan-favorite. Additionally, Robert coaches and trains up-and-coming young boxers. With dedication and hard work at his core, Robert has achieved tremendous success throughout his life.

Personal Life

Emanuel Augustus was born January 2, 1975 in the United States. Since then he has become one of the world’s best-known boxing celebrities and won multiple awards for his accomplishments as an athlete and boxing promoter.

Augustus Augustus, commonly referred to by his ring name YA or Outlaw, was an American former professional boxer who competed in the light welterweight division from 1994 until 2011.

His fighting style earned him the name ‘Drunken Master’ and garnered him an avid following among fight fans. Known for entertaining yet frustrating showboating tactics in the ring that confuse opponents while frustrating them simultaneously, he gained special accolade from ESPN and Ring magazine when his fight with Micky Ward in July 2001 was named fight of the year.

Net Worth

Emanuel Augustus has amassed an impressive sum through his professional career, boasting an estimated net worth of $500,000. This achievement can be credited to his hard work and dedication in fighting some of the most skilled fighters around. With this wealth comes great success and financial independence.

Augustus is also widely recognized for his entertaining and unique showboating style in the ring, switching stances and moving around to disorient his opponents – he’s often been dubbed The Drunken Master due to this.

Augustus is an independent man who does not like asking his friends for assistance. He lives on a dead-end street near Baton Rouge’s railroad tracks.

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