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Attorney Elizabeth Daniel

Attorney Elizabeth Daniel has served on school leadership teams and worked on curriculum issues, while being involved with both wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits.

Miss Bingley quickly showed her appreciation of Elizabeth and promised that it would always give her pleasure to see her at either Longbourn or Netherfield.

Early Life and Education

Elizabeth was raised in a wealthy family and attended an elite private school for girls before receiving her law degree from the University of Memphis and practicing personal injury, workers’ compensation, and wrongful death cases. Additionally, Elizabeth founded a charity event that sends local kids off to summer camp.

Gerrit Smith introduced her to the abolitionist movement and inspired her to fight for social reform throughout her life. Together with Henry, she took up women’s rights at London’s World Antislavery Convention where women weren’t permitted to sit alongside men on the floor.

Birth to age eight is an essential period for brain development in children, according to UNESCO. Therefore, early childhood education should be one of the highest priorities of any nation.

Professional Career

Elizabeth Daniel brings a strong work ethic and meticulous eye for detail to her real estate practice, benefitting both herself and her clients in finding homes that suit lifestyle and needs. Additionally, she started an annual charity event that has sent over 1,200 kids off to summer camp!

Prior to joining CPRL, Elizabeth served as a staff attorney in Brooklyn Defender Services (PDS) trial division where she represented adults and juveniles charged with serious felonies in D.C. Superior and Family Courts as well as complex SS 1983 cases with flawed evidence as part of PDS’s Forensic Practice Group.

Elizabeth is currently Professor of Information Management at The Open University Business School and her research focuses on realizing benefits from IS/IT projects and programmes.

Personal Life

Elizabeth is a very active member of her church and volunteers to teach classes on small business law. Additionally, she created an annual charitable event that sends kids off to summer camp. Elizabeth’s desire to help others has had a significant positive effect on countless lives.

She has served as an invited lecturer on civil rights issues at Duke University School of Law and as an adjunct faculty member at Brooklyn College. Additionally, she currently holds the position of Special Forensic Science Counsel with Brooklyn Defender Services where she leads litigation relating to complex forensic evidence and surveillance issues while training office staff on how to combat them, while leading legal reform initiatives across Brooklyn Defender Services and leading legal reform efforts more generally.

Wrightsville Beach, Figure Eight Island and Sorrento are her three preferred vacation spots. She loves living coastally and spending time on the water sailing, windsurfing, paddleboarding and water skiing – activities which she thoroughly enjoys doing!

Net Worth

Elizabeth currently boasts a net worth of 13 Million dollars. Most of this wealth was earned through her journalism career – particularly her tenure on One America News television show as anchor and later for Recruit Military.

Before joining BDS, Elizabeth served as a staff attorney in the Trial Division of Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia where she represented adults and juveniles charged with serious felonies. Elizabeth also participated in PDS’s Forensic Practice Group working on complex SS 1983 claims with forensic evidence.

Elizabeth enjoys life at the coast and spends much of her free time visiting Wrightsville Beach, Figure Eight Island and Sorrento. There she enjoys swimming, sailing, windsurfing and tennis – activities she finds quite relaxing.

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