Ed Hardy Sneakers

The Revival of Ed Hardy Sneakers

Ed Hardy is a brand that makes lace-up sneakers that make a statement. The brand has seventy stores worldwide and $700 million in sales. The brand was popular in 2009, when The Simple Life was ending after four seasons, Britney Spears had just entered a conservatory controlled by her father, and the American first Black president had just taken office. But things are much different now, with the company having a new CEO and a new direction.

The company’s revival is a sign of hope for the Ed Hardy fan. The entrepreneur behind the brand, Christian Audigier, was inspired by the tattoo master Don Ed Hardy. This inspiration led to Ed Hardy’s contemporary style, which celebrates American tattoo art. His designs are characterized by tattoo designs and skull-and-crossbones designs, as well as daggers and hearts.

The Ed Hardy brand is synonymous with the fashion trends of the 2000s, and its designs are often tattoo-inspired. The story behind the brand is an interesting one. Don Ed Hardy created his company in his garage. Eventually, he began selling a line of fragrances, suntan lotions, and energy drinks. However, the company’s fortunes began to dwindle after the company was associated with less-than-desirable “celebrities.”

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