Dwayne Eyebrow

Dwayne Johnson and the Roaring Eyebrow

One of Dwayne Johnson’s signature poses is a raised eyebrow. It has become his trademark since his days in WWE wrestling. It has been carried over to his acting career as well. In fact, he almost never misses an opportunity to show off his eyebrows. The Rock is about to make his SmackDown Live debut on Friday, so fans will be sure to catch a glimpse of his eyebrows.

The decision to go for this look is an unorthodox one, but it has served Dwayne Johnson well. His previous career was not going as he’d hoped. After being influenced by other people’s views, he decided to change his career path. He was casting movies that had larger-than-life characters, and he wanted to project a larger-than-life persona. He landed roles in several major blockbusters, and he was able to further develop his acting skills and improve his looks.

In the early 2000s, Dwayne Johnson’s mindset changed dramatically. He was determined to leave wrestling and pursue a career in acting. He was under a lot of pressure when he was cast in ‘The Mummy Returns.’ His performance on the film earned him a Guinness World Record and made him the highest paid unproven actor in Hollywood.

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