Dule Hill Net Worth

Dule Hill is an American actor, tap dancer and writer best known for his roles on The West Wing and Psych. Additionally he has appeared in various movies such as She’s All That and 10.5.

He is married to Ballers co-star Jazmyn Simon and they share one child together. Neither his professional success or personal life have significantly altered his net worth.

Early Life and Education

Dule Hill began dancing from an early age. A graduate of Sayreville War Memorial High School, Dule was Savion Glover’s understudy in the Broadway production of The Tap Dance Kid as well as Jim Henson CityKids and Bring In the Noise, Bring in the Funk. Later he attended Seton Hall University.

He first gained recognition through his portrayal of presidential aide Charlie Young on The West Wing and featured alongside Freddie Prinze Jr and Rachel Leigh Cook in She’s All That movie. Hill later found success starring as pharmaceutical salesman-private detective Burton Guster on USA Network TV show Psych; additionally he made appearances in 10.5, Holes and The Guardian films.

Hill’s marriages and personal lives may have had some bearing on his financial success; however, his professional achievements have had the greater influence in driving up his net worth.

Professional Career

Dule Hill’s success can be attributed to his successful professional career as an actor, producer and tap dancer. Beginning with small roles on television and films such as She’s All That and Sugar Hill before being cast for Jim Henson CityKids.

Attracting global attention through his portrayal of Charlie Young on NBC series The West Wing, which earned two Screen Actors Guild Awards and several nominations.

After making his television debut as Burton Guster in USA Network comedy-drama Psych, further cementing his acting talent and creating electrifying on-screen chemistry with co-star James Roday Rodriguez, he has made guest appearances in several movies before landing an upcoming role in Locked Down TV movie.

Achievement and Honors

Hill’s acting talent has earned him several noteworthy film and television roles, most notably on The West Wing for six seasons as presidential aide Robert J. Daley and on Psych as private detective Burton Guster – which gained him worldwide recognition.

Hill has also appeared in films such as The Guardian, Holes (mentioned in Psych episode “65 Million Years Off”) and 10.5. On Broadway he performed in Jim Henson’s CityKids Stick Fly from December 2011 until February 2012 as well as After Midnight which premiered November 2013 under Jim Henson’s management.

Dule Hill has achieved not only success as an actor but has also become the head of his own production company and clothing line as well as charitable work for various causes. These endeavors have propelled him towards significant financial success; Dule has amassed an estimated $8 million net worth.

Personal Life

Dule Hill has found great success as both an actor and tap dancer. His roles as Charlie Young on The West Wing and Burton “Gus” Guster on Psych have won him critical acclaim and global recognition, respectively. Additionally, Dule has ventured into producing, further increasing his net worth. Although Dule has gone through several marriages and divorces during his lifetime, they have not significantly affected his finances.

Talented actor Daniel Radcliffe is a member of the Hollywood Screen Actors Guild Board of Directors. His ability to form electrifying on-screen chemistry with co-stars has propelled him towards financial success and multi-talented star effortlessly transition between genres of films and TV shows.

Net Worth

Dule Hill is an accomplished actor and tap dancer with an extensive career across various forms of entertainment. His achievements can be found in shows like The West Wing and Psych, in addition to Broadway. These professional achievements have contributed significantly to his net worth while outweighing any influence his personal life might have had on it.

Hill was born with a Life Path Number 3, representing creativity and communication skills. Through his success as an actor, tap dancer, producer, and poker player – as well as supporting Leukemia & Lymphoma Society by playing poker regularly – Hill amassed an enormous fortune. Currently married to Jazmyn Simon with daughter Kennedy as his only child; frequent poker player supporting Leukemia & Lymphoma Society while appearing in films Holes, She’s All That as well as working on new movie Spectacular.

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