Dua Lipa Vs James Charles

Dua Lipa Vs James Charles

The dude ain’t in no particular order. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard of James Charles, the YouTube star who has made a name for himself with his tutorials. In fact, he’s already turned up at an event in Washington D.C. where he’s apparently given the aforementioned prank a good go.

But Charles hasn’t been averse to taking part in the fray, and his latest stunt was a bald cap prank. And while this isn’t the first time the celeb has done a makeover in a hat, it’s the first time he’s actually had to pull it off. Apparently, he didn’t realize he was holding a hat with his head. Luckily, he was able to keep it in place with face tape.

Although Charles hasn’t been spotted wearing a hat in public since then, he’s been spotted in the woods and on his skis. Considering he’s a self-proclaimed makeup guru, he’s likely had some sort of on-location tinkering session at some point or another. He’s also rumored to be working on an impersonator tour. Whether or not he’s a dummy is another story. Clearly, he’s been slapping on some of the most dazzling makeup on the planet, and we’ll see if it’s his best work yet.

Charles didn’t merely get a pat on the back for this homage to the pop culture icon, however. According to reports, he’s also been paid to do Dua Lipa’s hair. Considering the pop star’s infamous blond locks, it’s a safe bet he’s going to be getting some attention of his own.

While he may not have nailed it, this gimmick is a sure-fire way to score points with his legion of followers. If it works, he’s got a real shot at a spot on the coveted list of celebrity hairstylists. Of course, that means the competition is going to be fierce. So he might have to up the ante. Alternatively, he could find a middleman who might agree to help him out.

As expected, social media is a hotbed for misinformation and viral content. It’s the type of platform that allows us to see the real and fake alike. That’s why it’s so important to have a clear cut strategy when it comes to the information you’re consuming. The best way to avoid the pitfalls of internet misinformation is to read up on the topic of your interest as early as possible. You might even want to rethink your Twitter account. This is especially true if you’re an avid fan of one of your favorite artists.

What are your thoughts on the dude ain’t in no specific order? Despite being a hat-wearing, smoky eyed jerk, he’s done a few nifty tricks. From the aforementioned bald cap prank to the best-in-class makeover, Charles is definitely a jack of all trades. Hopefully, he’ll have more to show for his efforts in the coming months. Until then, he’s proving his mettle with a few makeup and wig tutorials on his channel.

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