Dress Blows Up In Wind

Dress Blows Up in Wind

Having a dress blow up in the wind is an embarrassing situation. There have been several celebrities whose dresses have been caught in updrafts. Hollywood actresses and models have suffered the same fate. Christina Ricci almost had a wardrobe malfunction at a recent party. The British model Kate Moss also got caught in an updraft in London.

In addition to celebrities, there have also been several examples of high-profile wardrobe malfunctions. Many famous people have suffered from a blown-up dress, including Lindsay Lohan and Michelle Obama. They’ve both had their dresses blown up by the wind while posing for a photo. Even Kourtney Kardashian and Penny Lancaster-Stewart have had wardrobe malfunctions. Luckily, they have been able to escape with the help of Rebecca Minkoff sandals.

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