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Don’t Say No the Series

Don’t Say No the Series is a romantic comedy drama which takes place in Thailand. It’s a BL drama and it features the romance of Fiat and Leo, childhood best friends who fall in love later in life. The relationships are beautiful and natural, but there are still some cliches. For instance, when Fiat confesses his feelings for Leo, people react differently.

The relationships in Don’t Say No the Series are believable and the characters are very likable. Unlike the relationship in Tharn Type 2, which was a series of episodes, Don’t Say No works as a standalone series. It doesn’t have a continuation, but it still contains a lot of love and a struggle with the past. The cast is also a bit more accurate in Don’t Say No the Series than it was in the original Tharn Type 2: 7 Years of Love. This was one of the reasons why the show gained so much popularity.

Don’t Say No the Series was a Thai drama that ended a while ago. However, it was brought to life by Pique Passawut Sukbua, who is a director of Thai television. The actors, Pyo In Sook and Min Woo Cheon, are from South Korea. They played the roles of Leo and Fiat in the drama. They are both beautiful, and the chemistry between them is very nice. The relationship between the two is very believable, and the story is well told.

Don’t Say No the Series is based on a Thai BL movie. The plot revolves around two best friends who fell in love with each other, but they never confessed their feelings. They were aware of each other’s feelings for a long time, and they knew that they were in love with each other. It’s interesting to see how the characters react to each other’s feelings, and how people react to their confessions. It’s a great way to see how people react to love and how people respond to being loved.

Don’t Say No the Series ended on a very bittersweet note. Although it is still a good BL drama, the writing is not up to par. It would have been better if the writers had focused on a realistic portrayal of friends becoming lovers. This is where they should have invested most of their screen time. They should have developed their characters and their relationships well, and they shouldn’t have focused on a bullshit plot line.

If Don’t Say No the Series was written by a better writer, it could have become a legitimate BL. It’s a great show, and the cast is really good. But the storylines aren’t well thought out, and there are a few cliches.

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