Dickie Moore Net Worth

Dickie Moore Net Worth – Movie Actor

Dickie Moore is an esteemed Movie Actor from USA who is currently 97 years old.

Errol Douglas first made his screen debut in 1927 silent film The Beloved Rogue, portraying John Barrymore’s character as an infant. Douglas later rose to fame through Jacques Tourneur’s 1947 Robert Mitchum film Out of the Past.

Early Life and Education

Dickie Moore was an American actor best known for his roles as Dickie in multiple Little Rascals short films. Additionally, he gained widespread notice as the first person ever to kiss Shirley Temple on screen in 1942’s Miss Annie Rooney movie; it marked Temple’s first onscreen kiss.

Moore first made his silent-era debut as an infant in Alan Crosland’s 1927 costume drama The Beloved Rogue starring John Barrymore as Francois Villon. Following this appearance he appeared in several Our Gang shorts before moving on to adult roles such as teen movies.

After his brief career in Hollywood, Moore relocated to New York where he continued working in radio, TV, and theater productions. Later he published numerous books including 1984’s Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (But Don’t Have Sex or Take the Car). Furthermore he established his own public relations firm – Dick Moore Associates.

Professional Career

Dickie Moore was born September 12th 1925 and began acting at a very early age during the silent film era. He regularly featured in Our Gang short films before going on to star in several feature films like Oliver Twist, Blonde Venus Sergeant York and Out of the Past.

At seven-foot-1 and scoring 261 goals with 347 assists over 719 regular-season games he was honored as an NHL All-Star six times before going on to the Hockey Hall of Fame and receiving induction in 1974.

Moore left acting behind to focus on business; he owned his own public relations firm called Dick Moore and Associates. Married three times himself, Moore is survived by Jane Powell (his third spouse).

Achievement and Honors

Dickie Moore founded Dickie Moore Rentals, an equipment rental business for contractors, in 1961 in Lachine, Quebec. Moore was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1974, becoming one of its greatest players.

Moore also appeared in several films as both a child and teenager, such as Ernst Lubitsch’s Heaven Can Wait (1943). Later he made an appearance in Jacques Tourneur’s film noir Out of the Past (1947), portraying Robert Mitchum’s deaf-and speech-impaired gas station assistant character.

World War II brought him into the Army where he wrote for Stars and Stripes newspaper from Pacific theatre. Additionally, he taught acting classes, performed both Broadway and stock productions, taught acting classes to others, taught acting classes in schools across America and made television appearances. Born September 12th 1925.

Personal Life

Dickie Moore was born September 12th 1925 and passed away September 7th 2015 at his hospice in Wilton Connecticut at age 89. Moore co-authored a book about child actors as well as being an advocate for their welfare.

At four, he began acting in movies and soon after became one of the last remaining child actors to feature in silent films. His cherubic looks made him ideal for roles like those found in 1927 silent film The Beloved Rogue or Hal Roach’s Our Gang (aka Little Rascals) short film series.

Later on in his career, he played more serious parts in films like Josef von Sternberg’s Blonde Venus and Alfred Huston’s Gabriel Over the White House. Additionally, he made an appearance as the “mute kid” in Jacques Tourneur’s noir Out of the Past with Robert Mitchum.

Net Worth

Dickie Moore made his screen debut as a toddler in 1927 silent film The Beloved Rogue and would go on to appear in Broadway and summer stock productions as an adult. During World War II he served as correspondent for Stars and Stripes while later serving as public relations director and publisher of Actors Equity Association’s Equity News newspaper. Later still, he founded his own PR firm in New York which would bear his name; today his legacy lives on through Jane Powell – former child actor herself; son Kevin; sister Pat Kingsley; and several grandchildren.

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