Diana Tillia

Diana Tillia, 32, of New Castle, Delaware, Was Arrested on Drug Charges on July 29

A New Castle woman was arrested for drug charges including heroin possession and fentanyl. She was also found to have crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia. Authorities say that she bought the drugs from a confidential informant. She was arrested on July 29 after a search at 1325 Pennsylvania Avenue in New Castle. She has been charged with felony drug offenses. She is currently being held at the Lawrence County Jail.

Since 2000, Diana has been married with Adam L Lechuga and Diego J Carrillo. She also married Gabriel Oscar Lezama, Hilda L Duran and Sarah D Lechuga. She has two children. Diana does not have any grandchildren. She lives with her husband, Antonio J. Carrillo. The couple has two children: a daughter, and a boy. She has been married for 17 year. She has also lived in Litchfield Park, AZ, for three years. Her husband and two children live with her.

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