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According to the Diana de Vegh Wiki, JFK and Diana met at Boston, where she became his paramour. Although de Vegh claims that she was harmless, her love affair was eaten by his inconsistency in power. They split just before JFK’s assassination, and she moved to Paris. Then, she met Nicholas Rizopoulos, whom she eventually married.

The couple split in 1959, and Diana was a college student. She was a Radcliffe College student at the time. The assassination occurred while she was a junior at Radcliffe College. As she listened to JFK’s reelection speech, she became enraptured. She was actually at the table where JFK spoke and was invited to an event the next week.

While Diana De Vegh is no longer a teenager, she continues to work as a psychotherapist. She owns a private psychotherapy practice in the West Village. In addition to her work as a therapist, she is a social specialist for Lady’s Golf equipment in America. Although she is now 83, she claims that she was only 20 when she met JFK. Kennedy was forty years old when he married Jackie Kenndey.

As an alleged JFK mistress, Diana de Vegh has recently opened up about her relationship with the late president. The couple began in 1958 when she was just twenty-years old. JFK was twice her age. As a result, Diana de Vegh claims that she does not regret the affair and that she has since found a new life as a psychotherapist. You can read Diana de Vegh wikipedia for more information.

Kennedy’s relationship to De Vegh changed her life. It lasted four years, and became strained as he gained power and influence. De Vegh left graduate school and moved to Washington, D.C. when Kennedy was elected President in 1960. She eventually landed a job as a research assistant at the National Security Council, which she later discovered was arranged by Kennedy. She felt something had changed when she was at the 1961 inauguration celebrations. She accused Kennedy of not loving her and he wished to be with her.

The Wikipedia entry Diana de Vegh shows that she was the first woman who dated President Kennedy. She first dated him in NYC and Boston, and then moved to Washington, DC, because she felt more loved. However, Kennedy and de Vegh didn’t get along and there were rumors about carnal marathons involving aristocratic Swedish mistresses. These rumors, however, did not break the mainstream until decades later.

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