Dennis Henry

Dennis Henry – A Big-Head Man

Dennis Henry was an esteemed businessman renowned for his hard work. He held an important place within his family-owned Henry Tractor company as well as serving on the National New Holland Dealer Council.

Being an enthusiastic sports enthusiast, he relished cheering for teams such as the St. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs as well as numerous college teams. Above all else though, his beloved family always came first.

Early Life and Education

Dennis was raised in Topeka, Kansas. After attending Washburn University he earned his Bachelor’s in Education as well as serving with the US Navy for some time.

In 1971, he graduated California High School as its Class President before joining his family business Henry Tractor where he made an invaluable contribution to its growth and success. Later he joined Crown Power and Equipment managing both California and Eldon stores before achieving two terms on the National New Holland Dealer Council which were immensely proud achievements for him.

He was an enthusiastic sports fan and loved cheering for St. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs as well as several college teams, but most importantly he deeply valued his family and their shared connection.

Professional Career

Dennis Henry earned a sterling reputation among California businesspeople as an esteemed local entrepreneur. Following graduation from California High School – where he served as class president – Henry joined Henry Tractor, serving two separate terms on the National New Holland Dealer Council and taking great pride in his extensive collection of tractors.

As a hobby, he enjoys competitive powerlifting and spending time with his family. Additionally, he is passionate about football, proud to support local teams. In his free time he also participates in several employee resource groups including Women at Okta, Neurodiversity and Pride Employee Resource Group at Okta.

Stephen holds an MFA in Directing for Stage and Screen from the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Since 2008 he has performed in over 40 U.S. states and internationally with organizations like American Shakespeare Center (VA), Cleveland Play House, North Coast Repertory Theater, Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company, Virginia Shakespeare Festival, Sweet Tea Shakespeare.

Achievement and Honors

Denny served as Director of Platform Operations for Okta’s Auth0 Product Unit during his career and championed Diversity, Equity and Inclusion by becoming a member of Women at Okta and Neurodiversity Employee Resource Groups as well as Okta Pride Committee. A graduate from Greenon High School with certification as Utility Safety Professional/USOLN designation.

He founded Ception Therapeutics, Inc and currently sits on the boards of 8 other companies; being chairman for Light Sciences Oncology Inc and Neose Technologies Inc respectively.

California High School in 1971 where he served as class president. Subsequently, he earned his degree in agricultural business at University of Central Missouri before beginning his professional life at Henry Tractor California before eventually becoming manager for Crown Power and Equipment.

Personal Life

Dennis Henry was an immensely kind-hearted individual, always there when someone needed someone. He treasured his family and friends, reveling in their joys and successes throughout life. An avid sports fan, Dennis enjoyed rooting for St. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs as well as numerous college teams.

He has taught acting, directing and Shakespeare to hundreds of students at Grand Valley State University, Indiana University Kokomo and Concordia University Chicago. A member of Actors’ Equity Association and Society of American Fight Directors; has performed across over 40 US states with American Shakespeare Center (VA) and National Theater for Arts and Education (CT) (CT); also having served two terms on National New Holland Dealer Council.

Net Worth

He was also an avid music lover, from Grand Ole Opry to Pink Floyd and beyond. He took piano and Hawaiian guitar lessons, and loved playing harmonica with friends. Additionally, he found great comfort spending time with family and friends.

He is married to Claire and they share two children, Henry and Amber. As a former professional football player he accumulated an estimated net worth of $8 Million.

Amber Wise competed in the 2023 series of Love Island as a graphic designer and currently lives with her husband and two children in a luxury home together – sharing affectionate photos on social media frequently!

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