Dennis Farina Net Worth

Dennis Farina Net Worth was an actor best-known for his delicate performances in Hollywood films. Known for bringing an emotive nature to each role he took on, Dennis was well-regarded for bringing this quality into each performance he presented.

Get Shorty, Midnight Run and Out of Sight were among the films in which he appeared as a lead. These performances helped gain him not only fame but also wealth.

Early Life and Education

Farina was born February 29, 1944 in Chicago and was raised in Old Town’s North Avenue neighborhood inhabited by working-class Italian and German families. He served three years with the US Army before enlisting with the Chicago Police Department for 18 years of police work.

He was an actor best known for playing tough guys or law enforcement officials, including in movies by John Frankenheimer such as Reindeer Games, Preston Tylk, Sidewalks of New York and In-Laws and Stealing Harvard on television.

Unsolved Mysteries was hosted by Dan from 2008 until 2013, replacing Robert Stack as host. On July 22, 2013 in Scottsdale, Arizona at age 69 after suffering a pulmonary embolism he passed away and was interred at Mount Carmel Cemetery.

Professional Career

Farina first made his mark as a Chicago police officer in Michael Mann’s 1981 heist film Thief, and has since played various criminal and law enforcement characters. For instance, in Guy Ritchie’s gangster flick Snatch he played New York jeweler Henry Diamond; later that same year at Steppenwolf Theatre production of Thomas Babe’s Vietnam allegory A Prayer for My Daughter in 1982 Farina appeared as an ex-cop with troubled domestic life portrayed by Thomas Babe himself!

Farina made his television debut as Detective Joe Fontana on Law & Order from 2004 to 2006. Additionally, he appeared in films such as Stealing Harvard, Preston Tylk, National Lampoon’s Bag Boy Big Trouble and 2011 drama The Last Rites of Joe May; these performances often showcased Farina’s charisma from his Rat Pack days.

Achievement and Honors

Farina first rose to fame as host and narrator of Spike TV’s Unsolved Mysteries series in 2008. Since then he has also made appearances in Michael Mann’s 2011 independent film The Last Rites of Joe May as well as 2014’s Authors Anonymous.

He became widely recognized for his portrayal of Homicide Detective Lt. Mike Torello on NBC police drama Crime Story, which pioneered non-episodic storytelling on television series. He served as a two-season regular alongside Jerry Orbach as his partner on this groundbreaking program.

Notable roles included New York-based jeweler Cousin Avi Denovitz from Guy Ritchie’s gangster comedy Snatch and Bag Boy from National Lampoon’s Bag Boy. Additionally, he appeared in several television films as well as acting roles on short-lived CBS drama Buddy Faro and NBC sitcom In Laws.

Personal Life

Farina was raised in a working-class, mixed-race neighborhood of Chicago before going on to join the Chicago Police Department where he served three years as an infantryman before becoming a detective officer himself.

Erwin had an incredible talent for comedy, earning himself an American Comedy Award for his performance in Get Shorty and appearing as an in-law on In-Laws for two seasons from 2002 until 2003. Additionally, he played alongside Ed Harris and Helen Hunt in Empire Falls 2005 film as well as Bottle Shock (2008) films with prominent comic roles.

After his retirement from law enforcement, he was hired by Law & Order’s producers as Detective Joe Fontana for two seasons as a regular character on their hit series. Unfortunately, in July 2013 due to a pulmonary embolism in Scottsdale Hospital he passed away unexpectedly.

Net Worth

Farina made his mark on the entertainment world through his exceptional acting prowess and charisma, winning him many fans all around the globe. Over his long and distinguished career he amassed significant wealth; leaving an indelible mark that will endure.

Born February 29, 1944 in Chicago, Illinois USA to Yolanda Donati and Joseph Farina, he served three years with the US Army before enrolling with Chicago Police Department for 18 years as a patrolman and later advanced into a detective position.

In 2008, he succeeded Robert Stack as host and narrator of Spike TV’s Unsolved Mysteries and also co-starred on Michael Mann’s HBO horse racing gambling series Luck. Additionally, he has appeared as FBI Agent Jack Crawford in Manhunter; mobster Jimmy Serrano in Midnight Run; Ray ‘Bones’ Barboni from Get Shorty; among many other roles.

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