Deer Shoulder Mount Poses

Deer Shoulder Mount Poses

There are many ways to make a deer shoulder-mount. Traditional deer mounts were made with their ears open, their heads slightly to the left or right, and their ears relaxed. For a more realistic look, you can mount the ears on either side. Ask your taxidermist for advice on how to position the ears in the best possible pose. Some poses may require more shoulder length than others, so pay close attention to how the mount looks and feel.

For the traditional shoulder mount, the deer is mounted with its head and shoulders in an alert, proud pose. The antlers are accentuated by this pose. You should consult your taxidermist if you are interested in a shoulder mount for deer. In most cases, a good taxidermist will highlight any cheaters, such as a bigger fork in the antlers. Some hunters will ask their taxidermist to make the buck look just as it did at harvest, but the taxidermist can suggest the best placements based on your preference.

A wall pedestal mount is another option. A wall pedestal mount brings a deer shoulder mount to the user’s eye level. This is a great choice for rooms with low ceilings. A wall pedestal mount allows you to see the deer’s shoulder from the front. This is a unique and refreshing option for a shoulder mount for deer. This type of mount is best for small rooms. There are other types of pedestal mounts available, including floor pedestal and wall pedestal models.

For tight spots, the 90 degree turn is a great choice. This pose allows the animal to display its full beauty without protruding from the wall. The 90-degree turn emphasizes certain characteristics of the animal. For example, the long horns of an African Gemsbok are a particular drawback to a straight mount. The horns can be seen by turning 90 degrees, making for an impressive display.

Next, you need to find the right taxidermist. Make sure that the taxidermist is familiar with mounting deer. Take a look at the McKenzie Taxidermy Supply catalog to see different poses. This will help you narrow down your options and save time. When you find a taxidermist, remember to specify the dimensions of the room and the desired look. This will help ensure the best possible result.

Once you have settled on the shoulder mount pose for deer, the taxidermist can take measurements. After they have taken the measurements, the taxidermist will choose the right mannikin to match the animal’s skin. Choose the right deer shoulder mount poses to make your display look beautiful. You should choose the right deer mount decor, in addition to choosing the best pose. A deer shoulder mount poses is a great way to add a unique touch to your home or office decor.

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