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Choosing a Deer Feeder

It is important to choose a product that offers a wide range of options when purchasing a deer feeder. There are many options, and each one will be able to meet your needs. A spin feeder allows you set the unit to dispense a small amount of corn every six hour. This will attract deer to the area while limiting your human scent. A self-feeder allows you to switch out the mix, which should be about two-thirds pellets and three-quarters corn.

Your feeder should be water-resistant and durable to ensure your deer don’t get contaminated food. You should also consider which type of dispenser is best for your needs. There are a variety of deer feeders on the market, including broadcasters, port-style, and port/agitator types. For those who are feeding more than a few deer at a time, a port-style feeder is a great option, as they require less pressure and fill more quickly.

When choosing a deer feeder, it is important to consider where you would like to place it. It is important to place it in an area that is easily accessible from your car. The feeder should be located near water sources, bedding areas, and legal hunting stands or blinds. Regardless of where you choose to place your deer feeder, it must be out of reach from human pressure. Your hunting strategy and the terrain you live in will determine the best location.

Another important consideration when choosing a feeder is the size. Depending on which type of feeder you choose, a tall feeder may pose a problem for varmints in the area and could be unsafe to use. Similarly, a feeder that is too low may lead to issues with cow/pig/bear encounters. You should ensure that the feeder fits in your truck bed. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with a stepladder, which can be cumbersome on long trips.

A deer feeder is a wonderful tool to attract and retain deer in a hunting area. A large deer feeder can draw a big buck into shooting range. With a 40-gallon steel feeder, you only need to fill it once or twice during the hunting season. You can set up up to six feedings per day with a digital timer. Each feeding can be adjusted from one to 30 seconds.

Deer management is based on the choice of a feeder that attracts deer to your yard. You must consider the type of food you want to feed your deer and the type of cover that you provide. A deer attractant can be added to your feeder to ensure that they stay around it and eat the food it contains. You can attract deer to your feeder with a salt block or granulated proteins block.

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