Days Of Our Lives Coming And Going

Days of Our Lives Coming and Going

The Days of Our Lives alumnus cast has changed a lot in the past half-decade, and there’s a new addition coming to the show this summer. TR Coates has made his debut as Lani Price’s biological father and the ex-boyfriend of Paulina Price. He is also working on a movie about Marlena Evans’ possession, the daughter a serial killer.

Robert Scott Wilson will be returning to Days of Our Lives. However, he won’t play Ben. He’s playing Alexander Kiriakis, the son of Justin and Angelica Deveraux. He has played new characters in soap operas before but he isn’t returning to be Ben. He’ll be playing a new character named Alexander Kiriakis, who is the son of a famous sports agent.

Dena Higley was promoted as Days’ head writer after Sheffer’s departure in Oct 2006. Her first episode aired on April 23, 2008. Christopher Whitesell, her co-head writer, joined Days after serving as associate head writer for As the World Turns. The two stayed on the show until February 2011.

NBC has made a significant decision with regards to Days of Our Lives’ future. The popular daytime soap originally enjoyed top ratings in the 1970s and early ’80s. Its ratings plummeted in the 2021-2022 season making it the least-rated of the remaining daytime soaps. That said, NBC has renewed the show for two more years in 2021, and it will run into 2023.

“Days of Our Lives,” which is no longer on NBC, will be moving to NBC’s Peacock streaming site on September 12. “NBC News Daily”, a daytime newscast featuring anchors from NBC News Now, will replace the show. The new show will be based on time zones, so anchor teams and local newscasts will vary. It’s expected that both shows will still be on air, but it will be available on other platforms as well.

Days’ cast has made some key changes for the upcoming season. The eighth episode will feature a new character. This will be the most dramatic episode of Days. It will also include the return of the recurring characters who have made the series so popular through the years. Patsy Pease will play the role of Kimberly in this episode on May 22. She will be sharing scenes with Eric Martsolf, John Aniston and Jen Lilley.

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