David Zaritsky

David Zaritsky

David Zaritsky is the President & CEO of PulseCX, where he manages client relationships, fosters internal culture, and formulates strategic plans for the agency.

He is an ardent James Bond enthusiast and boasts one of the largest collections of Bond memorabilia worldwide. He frequently gives tours to clients and their families to admire his collection.

Early Life and Education

David Zaritsky has served as President and CEO of PulseCX for more than four decades, enjoying great success along the way.

He is an ardent James Bond fan, with a YouTube channel called The Bond Experience that features reviews of movies, clothing and other 007 related merchandise.

He is an actor, having appeared in movies such as Grace (2011) and others. Additionally, he is married to Danielle Zaritsky and they have three children together; they reside in Newtown, PA.

Professional Career

David Zaritsky is an experienced professional with an impressive list of clients across the globe. His talent for finding the right blend of talent suits each client’s requirements, whether in marketing, sales or human resources. Furthermore, David’s ability to forge strong partnerships with vendors are well-known.

One of the primary responsibilities of an experienced CRO is ensuring clients get value for their money by offering a superior experience. This includes keeping customers fully informed about new products and services in their market, as well as equipping them with knowledge on how to leverage modern technology in order to increase profitability.

Achievements and Honors

David Zaritsky’s many accomplishments include winning the Packard Fellowship for Science and Engineering, an award worth $500k given to young scientists and engineers who demonstrate exceptional promise.

Dr. Christopher Clark of UCSC was recognized by the foundation for his research on star formation in two nearby galaxies. This work could provide insight into the nature of dark matter within our Milky Way galaxy and how it interacts with other galaxies.

He directed three documentary films about thalidomide, the drug responsible for severe deformities in babies. For his efforts he earned seven Gemini Awards, a Hot Docs Special Jury Award and Whistler Film Festival Lifetime Achievement awards. Other documentaries he directed included Ski Bums – about Canada’s elite ski team – and A Different Drummer – featuring Canadian singers recording “Tears Are Not Enough” to support famine relief efforts in Ethiopia.

Personal Life

David Zaritsky is married to Danielle, and they have two sons together. Currently, the couple resides in the United Kingdom with their family.

David is a big James Bond fan and runs The Bond Experience YouTube channel. The channel reviews movies as well as provides clothing items to help people look like James Bond.

David is an active Instagram user with over 35k followers and 6264 posts on his account. His posts often revolve around James Bond movies and their memorable moments, making him likely worth millions. Furthermore, David serves as CEO of PulseCX, is an actor, and is considered to be the world’s number one superfan of the James Bond franchise.

Net Worth

David Zaritsky is the creator of ‘The Bond Experience,’ a YouTube channel that analyzes James Bond films and provides advice on what to wear to look like 007 himself. His collection of Bond memorabilia is one of the world’s largest, with screen-used props from all 25 Eon-produced 007 films displayed throughout his home.

He frequently visits the locations where 007 films are shot, and has traveled around the world to see these spectacular locations. Furthermore, his two kids share his enthusiasm for Bond just as much.

He is currently the President and CEO of PulseCX, a marketing communications agency located in Pennsylvania, USA. With nine years of experience under his belt, he is estimated to have an estimated net worth between $1 million and $5 million.

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