David William

David William Gaval III

David William Gaval III’s deadpan humor brought life to a number of films. His roles in “The Heartbreak Kid,” “Heaven Can Wait,” and “Real Life” earned him critical acclaim.

On September 21st, 2021, Gaval was driving a Ford Expedition through a red light at Harper Avenue and Vernier Road in Harper Woods when he collided with two cars: 2014 Charger and 2011 Cadillac CTS, both occupied by two people.

Early Life and Education

David Gaval was raised in Guelph, Ontario with his brothers playing various sports – including hockey.

After graduating high school, he continued on to Oberlin College where he earned a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry.

He earned a master’s degree in history of education and taught at the graduate level for nearly 30 years.

He is happily married to Ilana, an acclaimed actress and comedian. The couple enjoys life together and attends movie screenings regularly.

Professional Career

David boasts an extensive professional background, specializing in intellectual property, litigation and immigration. He currently holds a shareholder role at Collins Einhorn Farrell PC.

He boasts extensive jury trial and arbitration expertise, as well as membership in the Ohio State Bar Association.

His practice specializes in intellectual property law, including patent and trademark prosecutions and litigation. Additionally, he advises music, publishing and medical device clients on managing complex copyright issues and compliance requirements.

David is an esteemed expert in legal ethics and professional responsibility, with a special interest in disciplinary complaints, malpractice suits and other ethical dilemmas. David understands the complexities of ethical dilemmas and helps attorneys and their firms avoid potential pitfalls that could result in significant disciplinary or financial penalties. Additionally, David serves on some of the country’s premier bar association committees where he studies and recommends changes to rules affecting how lawyers practice.

Achievements and Honors

David has earned numerous journalism accolades and was one of only two finalists for the Pulitzer Prize with his series about a high school football coach accused of sexual assaulting children. David is best known as an investigative reporter, adept at sorting through political scandals to uncover facts. He’s known as an entertaining yet serious news hound who never fails to follow a good lead.

Personal Life

David Gaval was tragically involved in a car crash that claimed the life of an individual in Michigan on September 21, 2021. Driving his Ford Expedition through a red light and striking two vehicles near Harper Woods, the vehicle ricocheted and struck a Charger, killing its driver and leaving others injured.

Court records reveal Gaval has several felony convictions. He was previously sentenced to one year in prison for trying to smuggle drugs into Lakeland Correctional Facility in Detroit and found guilty of throwing a softball over a fence while trying to bring contraband inside. Prosecutors agreed to make his sentence concurrent with two other felonies which he was found guilty in Oakland and Macomb counties.

Net Worth

David Gaval was a self-made businessman and philanthropist with a net worth of more than $40 million, most of which he invested in real estate. Beyond his personal fortune, David also donated significantly to causes such as Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Survived by his wife Jillian Newman, David Gaval was arrested in September 2021 after driving his pickup truck into another car while under the influence.

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