David Vicic

David Vicic

David Vicic is an innovative chemist who takes an unconventional approach to synthesizing molecules of medical and industrial significance. Instead of selecting catalysts based on yield, he analyzes reaction mechanisms in an effort to gain more insight into their workings.

His research spans various areas of chemistry, such as catalysis, organic chemistry, reagent and polymer chemistry; specifically his Aryl study involves elements from medicinal chemistry as well as Ligand and Combinatorial chemistry.

Achievement and Honors

David Vicic, A&S ’94 is an accomplished scientist who has won many honors. Known for his research in Catalysis, Aryl Chemistry, Combinatorial and Organic chemistry he is an active member of the American Chemical Society as well as having received various awards. Presently he serves as professor of chemistry at Lehigh University in Bethlehem Pennsylvania with his lab focusing on cross-coupling reactions via multimetallic catalysis while working for National Science Foundation as a project officer.

Personal Life

David Vicic is widely respected for his contributions in Catalysis, Aryl and Polymer chemistry. A member of both the American Chemical Society and Lehigh University faculty, his research covers organic chemistry as well as Catalysis, Aryl Reagent Combinatorial Chemisty. Additionally he studies Trifluoromethyl and works on issues pertaining to In situ Diimine Ligand Stereochemistry Steric Effects as well as numerous issues connected with Trifluoromethyl. Married to Kimberly Vicic with two daughters between them while also acting as Certified Financial Planner/Partner with Sygnet Advisory Inc.

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