David Truett

David Truett – A Beloved Father and Grandfather

David Truett was widely respected Baptist minister in the US. Known for his exceptional teaching abilities and strong preaching ability, as well as being a staunch proponent for religious freedom in his country, Truett also fought hard for religious liberty within America.

“Run the Race” tells the tale of two teenage brothers from rural Florida who work together to cope with their mother’s death and father’s abandonment, using forgiveness and family values as themes to strengthen each other and the movie offers some remarkable moments.

Early Life and Education

David was born to John Claus and Lurlene Christel (Wiesen) Busch on May 14, 1954 in Port Arthur, Texas into a devout Baptist family.

As an undergraduate he earned his BA degree in Psychology from Lamar University. Thereafter he went on to obtain both master’s and doctoral degrees at East Texas State University.

His career was dedicated to teaching, counseling and research in psychology. He held licenses as a psychologist, regional play therapist and supervisor and certified Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapist (EMDRT).

Michael served on the Board of Directors of Lowndes County Commission on Children & Youth in Valdosta from 1990-1991 and also belonged to Child Abuse Council and Lowndes County Mental Health Association. Additionally he enjoyed deep sea fishing, distance running and impressionistic painting as hobbies.

Professional Career

David Truett has extensive legal experience representing various clients on mergers and acquisitions in the technology sector. Additionally, he provides advice regarding venture capital, private-equity investments and other investment transactions across South and Southeast Asia.

His practice encompasses security, identity management, augmented and virtual reality technology, energy technology, life sciences and biotech, semiconductor technologies, optics and hardware technology enable services, data analytics mobile consumer internet. Furthermore he has successfully negotiated various recapitalizations, public offerings and transactions within the tech industry.

He is a proud father to two children: April Sanders Fleming and William Michael Fleming reside with him in Stone Mountain, Georgia; he also remains close with his mother Teresa Jane Fleming’s family in McDonough.

Achievement and Honors

Truett was no slouch in his academic pursuits, earning both his Bachelor and Master degrees from Baylor University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary respectively. Additionally, he is known for authoring several books including a new edition of the Bible as well as receiving many accolades for both research and writing projects.

One of the highlights of his service was in the Navy where he served for six years – two tours in Vietnam being his most notable service stints. One memorable accomplishment in Vietnam was saving his commanding officer who had been hit by enemy fire while riding to shore; posthumously receiving the Navy Cross for this act of heroism and receiving not only naval medals but also being named one of most highly decorated Navy veterans for their outstanding performance at sea.

Personal Life

David Truett was a beloved father and grandfather, known for his lifelong interest in sports and the outdoors with his wife Karen, as well as possessing an extensive gun collection which they enjoyed taking shooting trips together in Charleston.

Truett was well known in religious circles due to his work with Chick-fil-A. Additionally, he held a doctorate of divinity. Additionally, he founded and was president of the Southern Baptist Convention and served as its founding member and former president.

Truett was an avid runner. He loved driving his blue Pontiac convertible around, often double dating with Jim Cox from high school.

Net Worth

Daniel Truett Cathy has amassed an estimated net worth of over $7. 1 billion through his leadership of Chick-fil-A fast food chain as its founder and chairman.

Chick-fil-A is an international powerhouse, with more than 2,558 restaurants across 47 states and DC. Sales for 2019 totaled an impressive $11.3 billion!

Truett Cathy went beyond simply safeguarding their company by founding the WinShape Foundation – a non-profit that gives donations to Christian organizations while also offering residential camps, retreat centers, and foster homes – creating WinShape Foundation as a way of giving back.

Truett Cathy remains humble despite his success, yet his net worth was significantly augmented after selling “Rosebud,” an Orson Welles classic from 1941 titled “Citizen Kane.” In 1982 he purchased it at Sotheby’s auction for $60,500.

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