David Trone

David Trone

Trine Rein is now back home in Norway following her time spent in California, and begins carving out a fresh path with her music. With support from her partner, Trine embarks upon writing, recording, and financing what may become her most personal solo album yet.

Trine finds herself exposed to unexpected experiences while on this new path, such as meeting some of her famous colleagues as clients of her limousine driving business.

Early Life and Education

David was the King of Israel from 1 and 2 Samuel in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament). He is famous for his political acumen.

Victor took control of Jerusalem and established it as his capital city to firmly establish his power and introduce the Ark of the Covenant into his realm.

Trine attended Antioch High School in California and graduated with honors, participating in its choir and musical theatre group Ungdommens Kulturmonstring as well as entering a local talent show where she placed second. Later she travelled to Norway where she performed alongside husband Lars Monsen at Femundlopet dog mushing race; Trine recorded and released an original song inspired by Toto’s hit “Child’s Anthem”.

Professional Career

Trine, an experienced entrepreneur, is perhaps best-known for his leadership of the City of Kokomo where he served as City Manager for four years. Aside from being an excellent manager, Trine also published an author and was an avid cyclist; receiving various accolades including one from Indiana for outstanding leadership in arts and sciences category. Trine proudly holds memberships to both Kokomo Chamber of Commerce and Kiwanis Clubs in Kokomo.

Trine is an intelligent and articulate gentleman, known for taking his time when working both inside and outside of the office. Additionally, he is devoted to his family with five children under his care, being recognized by Kokomo’s community for charitable donations made and services rendered.

Achievement and Honors

Trine University alumni and entrepreneur has accomplished many achievements during his time at Trine. He was named an honorary member of its Board of Trustees, was involved with capital projects at Trine, and founded Metal Technologies, Inc. which offers engineering consulting and design services to automotive, defense and manufacturing industries.

He was also honored with the Pillar of Success award for his contributions to Trine University. This accolade acknowledges individuals who have achieved top performance in their fields while actively engaging in campus life, such as leadership, philanthropy, service or commitment to Trine.

Personal Life

Trine is an accomplished musician renowned for her contributions to music. She has released several albums as well as performed live concerts.

She has won many accolades and is widely known for her exceptional performance skills and creative acumen.

Trine was not only successful professionally but was also deeply devout Catholic. She belonged to Knights of Columbus and enjoyed traveling the world with her family.

Trine currently lives in Kokomo, Indiana where she works as a limousine driver while also performing part-time as a musician. She plans to release a single soon and has collaborated with Bernt Rune on various tracks; eventually her album should be out by 2019. Trine is passionate about singing and writing music and will remain active in the music industry.

Net Worth

David Trone is an American businessman who gained valuable insights through working on his family farm. These lessons allowed him to establish his own business later.

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