David Trandel

David Trandel – A Real Estate Developer With Over 27 Years of Experience

David Trandel is an accomplished real estate developer with more than 27 years of experience, currently serving as chairman and CEO of Springbank Capital Advisors in Chicago.

He previously held positions as vice chairman and chief operating officer at Prime Group Inc. He has expertise in business development, capital markets, acquisitions, mergers and corporate mergers.

Early Life and Education

David Trandel boasts an impressive resume, having held top executive roles at numerous firms such as Prime Group Inc. and Lehman Brothers, where he earned both an MBA from Harvard Business School and bachelor’s degree from University of Iowa. Aside from these impressive credentials, Trandel remains a family man at heart – living in Dixon with his wife and daughter while enjoying golf and skiing as hobbies in his free time.

David can often be found at the Dixon Country Club, where he has become well known for his love of cocktails.

Professional Career

David Trandel brings over three decades of experience to Springbank Capital Advisors of Chicago, a real estate development and investment firm specializing in ground-up projects near transit nodes in Chicago. Prior to founding his current firm, he managed Trilogy Capital Income Fund from Stonestreet Partners as well as investing income-producing Walgreens drug store portfolios through Trilogy Capital Income Fund. David graduated with his BA from University of Iowa.

Prior to joining Stonestreet, he served as vice chairman and chief operating officer of Prime Group Inc. – a real estate developer that focused on business development, capital markets and acquisitions from 2003 until 2011. Over his career span of 16 years at Prime Group Inc, he managed over $1.2 billion worth of institutional-quality real estate projects.

Achievement and Honors

David Trandel was an exceptionally accomplished man who dedicated himself to his profession while showing genuine concern for those around him. His devotion was evident throughout his life; his smile, bright blue eyes, and caring heart attracted all those he encountered along his journey.

He was an exceptional teacher, publishing more than 40 research papers in functional analysis as well as co-authoring six books. Additionally, he served on many committees at both the University of Maryland and in the mathematical community.

He served with distinction in Iraq for three years and is resting peacefully at Arlington National Cemetery Section 60 with other fallen heroes. Among his awards and decorations were: Bronze Star, Purple Heart and Combat Infantryman’s Badge.

Personal Life

David Trandel is an esteemed real estate developer with more than 27 years of experience. Currently he serves as chairman and chief executive officer for Springbank Capital Advisors of Chicago which acquires and develops transit-oriented projects.

Prior to taking on his current responsibilities, Trandel oversaw Trilogy Capital Income Fund, an investment venture which successfully invested in Walgreens drug stores and yielded a 16 percent annual return.

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